• Madrid braces for lockdown
  • UK Health Secretary warns action coming
  • US outbreak slows to 41k new cases
  • California, New York cases accelerate
  • Germany sees cases decline
  • Belgium cases top 100k
  • Russia tops 6k again

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After a series of days where the US added just under 50k new cases, the pace of the outbreak cooled notable on Saturday, with the US adding just 41,206 cases, a 0.6% rise, which is in line with the 7-day average. Another 693 people died, bringing the total to 199,258, just under 200,000.

Beneath the top-line data, however, the situation was markedly different: New York saw cases climb to the highest level since the early summer, when the outbreak was in the process of cooling.

California has also seen a slight increase, with the latest numbers climbing above the 14-day averages for both new cases and deaths.

The US just set a one-day record with over 1 million coronavirus diagnostic tests being performed, but the country needs 6 million to 10 million a day to bring outbreaks under control, according to various experts.

The state reported 4,304 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, compared wi14-day average of 3,350. The number of deaths increased by 100, compared with a 91 average. There have been 14,912 fatalities in all.

Over in Europe, nearly a million people in Madrid are bracing for a partial lockdown. Several hundred marched in protest as Spanish authorities seek to try and suppress the second wave.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the UK has reached a “tipping point” where the country will soon take action to curb a resurgence in new cases, saying that national action is no inevitable.

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It comes after Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon pushing for a pan-UK summit to hash out a new plan, the country reported 4,422 new cases on Saturday, the biggest daily increase since early May, and the latest daily jump north of 4k.

Germany posted 1,685 new cases on Saturday, a daily drop of 23% although levels are still the highest since April. The country has reported a total of 9,390 deaths, along with 241,125 recoveries. Nearby, Belgium home to the seat of the EU finally saw its case tally top 100k as its outbreak accelerates.

As France’s daily coronavirus cases surged to the highest since the national lockdown ended in May, another 13,498 cases were reported on Saturday, the second straight day north of 13,000. Though the country’s testing rate has also surged to as much as 5x the average from back in May.

In the Middle East, Iran reported another 183 deaths over the past 24 hours, the largest daily jump in five weeks, and the latest in a series of larger numbers.

New cases increased by 3,097, compared with 2,845 a day earlier, the latest Health Ministry data showed. The country has reported 24,301 deaths out of 422,140 cases.

Russia is also seeing higher rates of the virus, as it reported more than 6k cases for yet another day. Saturday’s tally was 6,148 new cases, the largest in two months. It brought the tally to 1,103,399, the fourth highest tally in the world, after the US, India and Brazil.

Australia reported 14 new cases on Sunday, its lowest daily total in 3 months following a strict lockdown that has elicited protests.

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