Made in the USA: Winning Out over Enemies of Democracy

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Eighty years ago, it was Hitler and Pearl Harbor, and more recently 9/11.

Today, America must meet the challenge of the Coronavirus and Civilization-Abusers. We did it in years past, with patriotic Americans and a determined mobilized military against the Axis Nations — Japan, Germany, and for a time Italy — as well as against polio with the Salk and Sabin vaccines.

Today we must confront the reported immoral conduct by communists in China, and its leader Xi Jinping, who allowed the virus to travel to the USA and 183 other countries, with all the resultant deaths and economic devastation.

These adversaries must be held accountable. Whether it is in developing 5G or other technologies, America needs to mobilize and be the world’s leading export nation, the same way that we became energy-independent and a leading energy-exporting nation. We have to grow our economy and not rely on enemies of democracies to import our essential goods, either medical or technological.

To counter school-closings, our citizens need to request that television stations try to fill the educational vacuum with inspiring material about how America was built and its values passed forward by the Constitution, and the fight to keep correcting social ills such as slavery or inequality under the law. Kids are eager to soak up from television what people have done to make America great. Uplifting American “can-do” educational programming and documentaries could cheer them up and show them the way.

Lawrence Kadish is a real estate developer, entrepreneur, and founder and president of the Museum of American Armor in Old Bethpage, Long Island, New York.

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