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Package labeled ‘Bag Full of Drugs’ leads to Florida arrests AP

At least three die after Boeing 737 breaks into three pieces before bursting into flames in Istanbul Daily Mail (J-LS)/

Some Thoughts On the Business Roundtable’s Statement of Corporate Purpose RealClearMarkets. UserFriendly: “Sigh”.

Limited Liability Is Causing Unlimited Harm Project Syndicate (David L).

Ocean currents are speeding up faster than scientists predicted The Week (David L)

More Than a Thousand Scientists Have Built the Most Detailed Picture of Cancer Ever BBC


Coronavirus shakes centre of world’s tech supply chain FT

Coronavirus derails Tesla rally, sends stock down 20 percent New York Post (J-LS).

Dow Jones Leaps on Potential Coronavirus Vaccine Breakthrough CNN

Coronavirus: media cinesi: “Trovati farmaci efficaci contro il virus”. Ma l’Oms frena: “Niente di concreto” La Repubblica (DJG). Google translation: Coronavirus: Chinese media: “Effective drugs have been found against the virus”. But WHO slows down: “Nothing concrete”

The US Fast-Tracked a Coronavirus Test to Speed Up Diagnoses Wired

Radical measures rolled out as Chinese cities battle virus Asia Times (Kevin W). As I keep saying, the body language of the Chinese authorities seems to say that the facts on the ground look worse than the reported data. But we won’t know for sure for quite a while. If you want to get nervous, there’s this sighting: Tencent may have accidentally leaked real data on Wuhan virus deaths Taiwan News. Input error, big time, or bona fide?

China Deaths Climb to 563; More Cruise Cases Found: Virus Update Bloomberg. Plus: How to Avoid Coronavirus on Flights: Forget Masks, Says Top Airline Doctor: “Masks and gloves do a better job of spreading bugs than stopping them.” I prefer alcohol wipes to hand sanitizers because the physical action of the wipe versus the skin ought to remove more contaminants than just coating your skin with hand sanitizer; physical removal of what is on the surface of your skin is why washing your hands (reasonably well) beats hand sanitizers, and so an alcohol wipe ought to be a between case (plus it is how MDs clean your skin for injections and small incisions, so it should be pretty effective). But I can’t find anything on a fast search to confirm my hypothesis.

Amid Coronavirus Fears, a Mask Shortage Could Spread Globally Wired (resilc).å

Woman wearing face mask attacked in possible coronavirus hate crime New York Post

Interim List of Household Products and Active Ingredients for Disinfection of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) National Environment Agency. Singapore, but many of the brands are global, and ingredients are listed.

New study suggests 2019-nCoV may hit men, Asian people harder The Prepared (original).

Only a handful of children have been diagnosed with the coronavirus — and experts have a few guesses as to why Business Insider (Kevin W).


How the Brexit deal can be done FT

German state gets new governor, with far-right votes AP (GP).

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Global shares rally after China pledges tariff cuts on US goods FT

Thailand scraps China-led project to blast open Mekong River Reuters. “And also China had no funding for it.”


Delhi Elections: What Have Political Parties Promised to Mitigate Air Pollution? The Wire (J-LS).


Senate acquits Trump in historic vote as re-election campaign looms Reuters

Trump’s Team Celebrates Acquittal at (Where Else?) His Washington Hotel NYT. Everything is fine. Pelosi set the precedent that Trump’s emoluments are not impeachable, going forward.

23 Dangerous Propositions the Senate Just Ratified Atlantic (William C).

5 Reasons Impeachment Failed The American Conservative

Democrats impeached Trump for withholding arms to Neo-Nazis Off Guardian (JTM).

Impeachment delivers blockbuster fundraising for key lawmakers Politico. Ka-ching.

This is how ancient Rome’s republic died – a classicist sees troubling parallels at Trump’s impeachment trial The Conversation

New Cold War

Russia Alarmed by US Deployment of Low-Yield Nuclear Missiles VoA

Trump Transition

Nancy Pelosi was caught on camera PRACTICING ‘the rip heard round the world’ even though her office denied allegation that she planned to tear up Trump’s State of the Union all along Daily Mail. Advance work points count toward strategic genius.

Report: At least 138 sent from US to El Salvador were killed Associated Press (furzy).


Near Tie Between Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders in Iowa New York Times and Iowa Caucuses: Live Democratic results and alignment tallies Des Moines Register. This is the popular vote page. It only takes three clicks from the main page to get here, so they’re following the practice of the New York Times. It appears that the urban precincts, which presumably have more voters on average, were the last to be resolved. And how/when do the satellite caucuses get added in? But Sanders is now officially ahead in popular vote and may win the delegate count, in addition to the popular vote, once satellites are counted.

* * *

Acronym, the dark money group behind the Iowa caucuses app meltdown, explained Recode. Deathless quote from a Democratic strategist:

“I don’t think they’re evil, but in their thirst to take over the world using a bunch of short-term donor money, they leveraged their political connections to get contracts that they didn’t have the expertise to fulfill,” one Democratic strategist told me.

Leaving open the question, then, of what Democratic strategists do consider evil….

“Far and away the most disorganized place I’ve ever been a part of”: Inside Acronym’s disastrous foray into the Iowa caucuses The Outline

A note to supporters of ACRONYM Tara McGowan (CEO), Medium. “Supporters,” yet. Tenacious T: “I just called this press conference to let everyone know that I am indeed the happiest and most fulfilled human who ever lived. Thank you.”

* * *

Iowa chaos highlights threat of domestic misinformation The Hill. Yeah, you know. Lilke a candidate giving a victory speech when the official count reads zero (0):

Class Warfare

Noblesse oblige:

Why liberal white women pay a lot of money to learn over dinner how they’re racist Guardian (DCG)

Networked Up The Baffler. Digital nomadism.

Google Releases a Tool To Spot Faked and Doctored Images MIT Technology Review. Let the arms race begin!

Welfare Surveillance System Violates Human Rights, Dutch Court Rules Guardian

Scientists built an AI to figure out what the universe is made of NextWeb (David L)

Revolt, Populism, and Reaction Mercatus Center. Resilc: “Gurri is the best CIA analyst ever.”

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