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A woman lured a group of deer into her living room to feed them snacks. Wildlife officials said she risked the animals’ lives CNN

Mysterious radio signal from space is repeating every 16 days CNN

Australia bushfires ignite calls for indigenous fire practices Agence France Presse

Traditional Ways of Paying for Fires and Floods Aren’t Cutting It Bloomberg

Surge in plastics production defies environmental backlash FT

The Sprint-T-Mobile Merger: A Jump the Shark Moment for Antitrust? Matt Stoller, BIG

FTC demands data on small buys by Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft Channel News Asia


Exclusive: New leaks shatter OPCW’s attacks on Douma whistleblowers The Grayzone


COVID-19 is to 2019-nCoV as AIDS (the disease) is to HIV (the virus).

Rectification of Names (1):

Rectification of Names (2):

Rectification of Names (3):

* * *

At Outbreak’s Center, Wuhan Residents Question Accuracy of Virus Tests WSJ. “Medical experts around the globe have expressed fears that the scale of the outbreak could be much larger than Chinese data suggests—in large part because of concerns about potential flaws in testing. Independent experts say many tens of thousands of Wuhan residents are likely infected by the coronavirus, while the city’s government puts the tally at less than 20,000. Only one in 19 infected people in Wuhan was being tested and confirmed, according to an estimate by Imperial College London as of Jan. 31.” Eerie photos of a Wuhan empty of pedestrians and cars. Also, I would have expected China to have universal health care. China does not. From the anecdotes of patients being asked to pay exorbitant sums, they are rationing by price; the brutality seems similar to our own. One wonders if the difficulties the CCP has had in mobilizing a response has anything to do with the profit motive (“Close to 100 companies in China say they have developed testing kits for the virus…. ‘[But] due to the urgency, these products haven’t been registered,’ Hybribio executive Li Liejun told the newspaper. As a result, some tests are less reliable than others, experts say”).

Early Coronavirus Genetic Data May Have Forewarned Outbreak Bloomberg

Early lessons from the frontline of the 2019-nCoV outbreak The Lancet

Spatially Explicit Modeling of 2019-nCoV Epidemic Trend based on Mobile Phone Data in Mainland China (PDF) medRviv. Modeling to the city level.

The effect of travel restrictions on the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak medRxiv

‘Everyone is guessing’ about coronavirus economic impacts, say experts Channel News Asia

The Best Defense Against Disturbing New Diseases The Atlantic


Viral Alarm: When Fury Overcomes Fear China Files. A must-read.

China’s Communist Party faces its biggest crisis since SARS AP


Defeat of BJP in Delhi election points to lack of strong face and local narrative in States The Hindu

The National Population Register Has No Proper Legal Backing and May Be Ultra Vires The Wire

Lone door led out as fire burned Indian factory of US denim AP

The brothels of Daulatdia: Sex workers to get ‘honourable’ funeral Agence France Presse

Locusts and food shortages add to pressure on Imran Khan FT. Locusts not only in Africa.

New Cold War

Exclusive: While The Press And Public Focus On Iran, US Military Prepares For War With Russia William Arkin, Newsweek. Let’s hope the war stays cold. Lunatics.

Ukraine: Conflict at the Crossroads of Europe and Russia Council on Foreign Relations

Space Force says Russian satellites are following American satellite CNN

Interview: Obama Russia Adviser on Cold War Liberals Consortium News

The Valdai Rest Home and “Gagarin” Gilbert Doctorow

Puerto Rico’s Energy Insurrection The Intercept

Guaidó’s return (1):

Guaidó’s return (2):

Needless to say, if Maduro were really a “brutal dictator,” Guaidó would have been whacked, instead of jeered.

Trump Transition

Trump Gives Conditional Go Ahead on Peace Deal With Taliban, Officials Say NYT. “Trump The Peacemaker” ffs. Well done, Democrats.

The Oversight Wars Are Not Going Away The Atlantic


Winners and losers from the New Hampshire primary WaPo. I will have a post on the NH results later today.

An important endorsement:

Paging Michael Bloomberg Thomas Friedman, NYT

Biden left New Hampshire earlier than expected to go to South Carolina USA Today

Boeing 737 MAX

Boeing to Resume Max Production Before Flight Ban Is Lifted Bloomberg. No pressure.

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Sanders Doctrine The Atlantic. “This is the first U.S. presidential election to feature voters who were born after the Afghan War began. The ‘forever wars’ in the Middle East have disillusioned younger generations in particular, who constitute a significant part of Sanders’s base. In different ways, both Trump and Sanders have seized on this despair. Central to the case they’re making to voters is that as president, they would end these conflicts and refuse to have America serve as the world’s policeman.”

Philippines scrapping military cooperation pact with US The Hill

“How Could You Not Connect the Dots?”: Inside the Red-Pilling of State Department Official Matthew Gebert Vanity Fair. Dropping the ball in Loudoun County….

2 Big Teachers Unions Call For Rethinking Student Involvement In Lockdown Drills NPR

Class Warfare

The Dismal Kingdom: Do Economists Have Too Much Power? Foreign Affairs. Throwing a flag on a clear violation of Betteridge’s Law.

John Weeks – Joan Robinson and the Theory of Capital Brave New Europe

Someone blew the whistle on Hookers for Jesus Boing Boing (Re Silc).

OnlyFans: a day in the life of a top(less) creator The Economist

Mutinous librarians help drive change at Elsevier FT. We need more mutinous librarians.

Neuroscience study finds evidence that meditation increases the entropy of brainwaves PsyPost (DL) (original).

Antidote du jour (Furzy Mouse):

Furzy Mouse writes: “My sister’s ‘furballs’ Jake and Elwood….”

Bonus antidote:

Simultaneously upping my cat and dog game!

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