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Something to chew on: New Zealand man sets up ‘stick library’ for dogs Guardian

The False Promise of Natural Gas NEJM

Warren Buffett’s power company takes flak for coal plant closures FT

Air Keeps Pumping Into the U.S. Valuation Balloon John Authers, Bloomberg

Crypto scam offers modern twist on classic pyramid fraud FT

After the Fall LRB. From 2018, still germane.

Judge OKs $13.5 billion PG&E settlement with fire victims’ lawyers San Francisco Chronicle


The Problem with the Labour Party Benjamin Studebaker

Realpolitik for post-Brexit Britain FT

General election 2019: Blair attacks Corbyn’s ‘comic indecision’ on Brexit BBC

Brexit and health, Johnson sets out priorities in Queen’s Speech Reuters

French strikers angry about pension reform cut power to homes, companies Reuters. Those “companies” including the Bank of France.


Explainer: What does passage of India’s controversial citizenship bill mean? Dhaka Tribune

CAA Protests Live: Protesters Detained Across Country, Mobile Services Suspended in Delhi The Wire. In New Delhi, authorities also imposed a ban on meetings of more than four people in some of its Muslim-dominated districts.

Citizenship Amendment Act: India top court to hear petitions in January BBC

Small border crossings can have big dimensions Nikkei Asian Review

Dispute continues over military exemption for K-pop stars Jakarta Post


China’s Economic Choices Lowy Insitute

Hong Kong protesters are naming and shaming police officers Nikkei Asian Review

Chinese students defiant as university charter cuts ‘freedom of thought’ Agence France Presse

China To Crack Down on Gangs Profiting From Diseased Pork Sixth Tone

Can Japan persuade Southeast Asia not to break the rules-based order as China dangles cash? South China Morning Post

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If France Wants The Middle East, Let Them Have It The American Conservative

Realignment and Legitimacy

A Global Anarchy Revival Could Outdo the 1960s Bloomberg

The Impending Ruling Class Mental Breakdown and Riot Black Agenda Report. You ain’t seen nuthin yet.

How Climate Change Primed Chileans for an Uprising Bloomberg

Working Past 70: Chileans Struggle to Get By on Meager Pensions Latin American Herald Tribune (Timotheus).

After the Argentina debacle, the IMF endorses weakening capital controls in Ecuador Open Democracy

What ‘The New York Times’ Got Wrong on Bolivia The Nation

U.N. Peacekeepers in Haiti Said to Have Fathered Hundreds of Children NYT


The moment of triumph:

Pelosi threatens to delay Senate impeachment trial Politico. Lordy. Galaxy brain take: Don’t let Mitch McConnell conduct a Potemkin impeachment trial Lawrence Tribe, WaPo.

Tulsi Gabbard votes ‘present’ for Trump impeachment Star-Advertiser. Both articles.

Five Questions Still Remaining After the Release of the Horowitz Report Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

The Chilling Reality of Bias at the F.B.I. NYT

NSA Whistleblower: “Mueller Report based on fabricated evidence” Off-Guardian

Trump Transition

Meet the man behind the CIA gift store, the country’s most secretive swag shop WaPo. Limited edition electrodes, signed and numbered by Gina Haspel. The perfect stocking stuffer for your CIA Democrat!

Adding up the Cost of Our Never-Ending Wars POGO


Universal Basic Income: An Idea Whose Time Has Come The American Conservative “And even better, UBI is designed to replace every other entitlement program.”

Our Famously Free Press

Afghan Papers Inadvertently Document WaPo’s Role in Spreading Official Lies FAIR

Health Care

Court: Part of ‘Obamacare’ invalid, more review needed AP

A Way To Think Clearly About “Medicare For All” Debates Current Affairs

‘How I ended up in hospital in Italy – without health insurance’ The Local

Class Warfare

You Can Have Means Testing or You Can Have Democracy Jacobin

Column: Trump’s labor regulators hand McDonald’s a big win over its workers Los Angeles Times

Samsung chair imprisoned and 24 others found guilty in union-busting case Ars Technica. Jail time for union-busting?!

The Threat to Life as We Know It: The View from Sri Lanka Counterpunch. From the originator of Analog Forestry.

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