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‘Ice eggs’ cover Finland beach in rare weather event BBC

Why biodegradables won’t solve the plastic crisis BBC (David L)

Australia bushfires: Record number of emergencies in New South Wales BBC. It’s not even full on summer!

The world is getting wetter, yet water may become less available for North America and Eurasia ScienceDaily

Today’s Electric Car Batteries Will Be Tomorrow’s E-Waste Crisis, Scientists Warn Vice

Corruption Is Contagious Scientific American (Robert M)

Western Individualism Arose from Incest Taboo Scientific American (Robert M)

The Strange, Sad Story of the Ken Doll’s Crotch Jezebel


Why investors should temper optimism over a China trade rally Financial Times (non-paywalled reposting)

US and China racing to weaponize AI Asia Times (resilc)


New Speaker to disallow unusual parliamentary procedures BBC. No more Parliament usurping the Government control of Parliament’s time:

Sir Lindsay Hoyle said he would not allow the procedures used by MPs to seize control of the agenda.

Boris Johnson accidentally made an incredibly compelling argument against his own Brexit deal Business Insider

‘Remain Alliance’ claims it can win at least 44 seats and stop both a Boris Johnson election win and Brexit Independent

‘ROTTEN REMAINER ALLIANCE’ Lib Dems blasted by Tories and Labour as ‘undemocratic’ for forming Remain pact with other parties The Sun

Europe has to face ‘brain death of NATO,’ Macron says Politico v Merkel rejects Macron warning over Nato ‘brain death’ Financial Times

Rightwing columnist smacks journalist Glenn Greenwald on Brazil radio show Guardian. Reader RabidGandhi explains:
Just a note that while the story getting all the headlines today is about Greenwald getting attacked yesterday on live stream (which I can give background on too), that story may bury the big news of yesterday’s Supreme Court judgment that will most likely lead to Lula’s release. In short, the Brazilian constitution does not allow for imprisonment until all appeals are exhausted, but in 2016 the SC handed down a radical reinterpretation that allowed for imprisonment after 1st appeal. In the context of Lava Jato, this opened the door for prosecutors to use the threat of imminent imprisonment to get defendants to incriminate others (“delação premiada”). Since the Vaza Jato leaks came out showing how corrupt the LJ prosecutors are, and how they had abused this power, the public opinion tide has turned against Moro and Lava Jato. Hence, yesterday’s judgment restores the status quo ante. Lula’s lawyers have said they will file for his immediate release today, but he still needs to have the cocakamamie judgment against him vacated to be eligible for office in the next election.

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The articles I found in English miss this background and skip straight to the pearl clutching about delinquents rampant on the streets:

Top Brazil court ends early prison rule in decision that could free Lula (Reuters)

Brazil supreme court ruling could free Lula (DW)


Iran has ‘military advantage over US and allies in Middle East‘Guardian. Resilc: “Who doesnt? Our military is for Raytheon and Lockheed, not for fighting, but for looting and show.”

Donald Trump’s Boneheaded Plan to Steal Syrian Oil American Conservative

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Assange lawyers’ links to US govt & Bill Browder raises questions Off Guardian (Chuck L)

Are Minnetonka Public Schools secretly monitoring students’ social media posts? MinnPost (Chuck L)

Imperial Collapse Watch

A Military Camera Said ‘Made in U.S.A.’ The Screen Was in Chinese. New York Times (resilc)

Trump Transition

Nothing says Christmas like $30 Trump Pence wrapping paper and $60 ‘Keep America Great’ ornaments MarketWatch

Trump ordered to pay $2 million to charities over misuse of foundation, court documents say Washington Post

Exclusive: Trump administration moves closer to easing gun exports Reuters (resilc)

Harry Dunn parents say they rejected Trump offer of cheque Guardian. Resilc: “Gee, worked with my hookers before…..”


Witch hunt or necessity? Maine’s rugged independent voters torn over impeaching Trump Reuters


Michael Bloomberg, billionaire and former mayor, prepares for a presidential bid NBC. Bloomberg was not a bad mayor but one of his telling early moves was to snow plow the Upper East Side (where he lived) before any other part of the city. Even though he got to be more democratic about that, Queens kept being neglected. Bloomberg boasted he built the NYC police force into the 7th biggest army in the world. Used Israel as a model, had lots of official visits.

He also hated cabs and cab drivers. Was very hostile to Occupy, natch, not just the occupation but the idea of criticizing Wall Street and the rich.

He had reportedly concluded when he thought about a 2016 presidential bid that a short Jewish billionaire could not win the race. Since there’s no reason to think that has changed, why is he running? IMHO he’s in the race to undermine the wealth tax, as if that had any chance of passing anyhow.

Another “Kill me now” entry. Lambert: “Awesome. Patrick is Bain Capital. Barnes is CAP and a Booz Allen Hamilton director. Read the room, Liz.”

Hillary Clinton Is Not a Fan of Bernie’s or Warren’s Wealth Taxes Vanity Fair (resilc). This should not be considered news.

Sanders’ heart attack could have ended his presidential campaign. Instead, it boosted it Boston Globe (Bob K)

Single-Payer Advocates Are Being Drawn Into the Wrong Debate New Republic

AP Exclusive: Steyer aide offered money for endorsements Associated Press (chuck419)

Former AG Sessions enters Alabama Senate race The Hill. Now official.

Information disorder: ‘The techniques we saw in 2016 have evolved’ First Draft (resilc). My God, the hyperventilating!

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Ram 1500 | Built to Serve Edition Honors U.S. Military Popular Mechanics. Resilc: “Overpriced junk, just like our military.”

Far From the Spotlight, a Boeing Partner Feels the Heat New York Times. Paul R: “Collins Aerospace takes heat over buggy 737 flight deck software, after crapifying its own processes per Boeing’s demands for cost reductions.”

The End of Neoliberalism and the Rebirth of History by Joseph E. Stiglitz Project Syndicate. UserFriendly: “I’d be more excited about this if he didn’t write the same essay every few years and he had a dozen more that had that as their thesis if not their headline.

Bitcoin, 11-years in Moneyness (resilc)

Class Warfare

The Lousy Job Economy: Young People Bear the Brunt of a Long-Term Decline in American Job Quality ProMarket

There are now 2,101 billionaires globally – up almost 40% from five years ago CNBC

Is Philanthropy Undemocratic? Worth

‘Cop Spit’ Is the Disgusting New Trend In Jails Vice (resilc)

Antidote du jour. CV: “A species in decline, but what species isn’t, except for humans and English sparrows? This one is used to being near people, especially when I bring it a treat. It comes running.”

And a bonus (Richard Smith):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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