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For what I am about to say, thank you and I’m sorry.

This is not giving assignments. This is a persuasive argument, kairos, for a strategy of logos to pathos.

There is a possibility of structural change within the democratic system in the US, but it’s time limited. If the Democratic convention goes to the superdelegates, it’s over. There is no centrist that can beat Trump, including Michelle, and NC readers will understand that may not be a bad thing. So to use democracy, there have to be sufficient votes for a first-ballot win at the Democratic convention. This is difficult as Biden is in whalefall and the feeding frenzy dilutes the pool, so it will take potential voters becoming actual voters to make this happen. (Mass affidavits may offset vote stealing.)

That’s the kairos. The pathos to motivate this mass to move is the logos of the lens of MMT. That lens makes clear that fiscal largesse has made billionaires at the expense of the vast majority of the population. That wealth needs redistribution, and in a way (GND) which doesn’t turn the heat up on the global oven. MMT is such a simple idea that it is hard to grasp, so how it becomes understood is important.

What is needed is a short book, plain and lucid. On the model of instant biographies produced within days or weeks, it does not need to be complicated, in fact it must be simple and easy. There is little time to produce this from scratch. Another publishing model is Mike Royko and Studs Terkel, collections of already written material.

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I have seen no one cut to the bones of the argument like Yves. She can go complex ala CALpers, but her comments are like razor-edged 3*5 cards. A collection of these, with some full posts, means that there need be little to no new writing, it’s a matter of selection and editing. The best would be a book that could be read in one sitting, and over 150pp becomes self-defeating.

I am willing to take the time in the next week or so to help pull and select such a selection. There is a due date, this thing needs to be out no later than two weeks before the convention. It needs to generate a hostile takeover of MSM airtime. I believe the conditions are ripe – evidence is status quo flailing about, no longer ignoring but attacking, as well as the last NC fundraiser. I want that PropOrNot pie stuffed in the faces of the perpetrators. Crowds in the streets howling “MMT ON MSM!” Neoliberal Rule #2 turned in for “More Oxytocin, Less Cortisol!” The mirrors in Versailles on the Potomac turned into a solar focal point of illumination!

So, how can I help?