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Mexico City’s ‘walking fish’ BBC

AWS Elasticsearch: a fundamentally-flawed offering Spun (cnchal). From October still germane.

‘It’s Really Refreshing And Relaxing’: College Students Say Ditching Their Smartphones For A Week Changed Their Lives CBS New York

In pursuit of big profits, hemp growers blaze a perilous new path in Northwest agriculture Seattle Times

You’re Not Worth My Time Notes on Liberty (BC)

Pacific seals at risk as Arctic ice melt lets deadly disease spread from Atlantic Guardian (re Silc)

We’ve Found a Serious New Health Risk to Human Spaceflight Science Alert (David L)

Waste Watch

California’s methane super-emitters Ars Technica

In the Great Lakes’ most productive fishing grounds, algae-fueled dead zones are eroding livelihoods Chicago Tribune (RM)

Black tide in Brazil Agence France-Presse


Did Obama Make a Mistake by Deporting 3 Million People? Bernie Sanders: ‘Yes’ Common Dreams

The Trump administration’s immigration jails are packed, but deportations are lower than in Obama era WaPo

‘Barbarians’ go to war with Warren Politico

Maher rips Hillary Clinton’s 2020 tease: ‘Someone needs to put Xanax in her hot sauce’ Fox

Sheriff deputy wrestles quadruple amputee teenager in violent video Independent (re Silc)

Democrats in Disarray

The Miracle of General Equilibrium Inference (tony)

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l’affaire Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew’s Epstein interview roundly panned: ‘nuclear explosion level bad’ WaPo

Researchers identify seven types of fake news, aiding better detection (chuck l)


The genetic basis of Peruvians’ ability to live at high altitude Ars Technica

Shut Down the School of the Americas/ WHINSEC Jacobin

California Burning

Diary Meehan Crist London Review of Books (clive)

PG&E warns of potential power shut-offs Wednesday and Thursday San Francisco Chronicle

Amid Blackout, a California Tribal Village Kept Lights On With Solar Energy TruthOut

Class Warfare

Did the Fall of the Berlin Wall Produce the Trump Presidency? Foreign Policy in Focus

Days Before Announcing Essex Junction Layoffs, Company Secured $5.3 Million State Incentive Vermont Public Radio. re Silc: “like obama and his private equity homeboy doooooovalue patrick sez: we don’t want nooooo talk bout revolution roun here “folks”.”

Europe’s New Jobs Lack Old Guarantees—Stoking Workers’ Discontent WSJ



Brexit news – live: Farage accuses Tories of ‘corruption’ over alleged offer of peerages for election favours Independent


Anti-mask law to quell Hong Kong protests ruled unconstitutional by High Court SCMP

Hong Kong protests: police use controversial anti-riot sound device for first time, rejecting claims it is harmful SCMP

Numbers show joke is on the US, not Huawei Asia Times re Silc: “i was looking at their phones in lisbon last year. very nice. great photos. lots of people use them there.”

‘Absolutely No Mercy’: Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims NYT


Eateries and malls too finding it difficult to breathe in Delhi-NCR Economic Times

Musicians want airlines to secure their instruments The Hindu

Indian telecom losses mount to record levels Asia Times

The Assam State Zoo can teach the rest of India (and the world) a lot about rhino conservation Scroll


Hassan Rouhani warns protest-hit Iran cannot allow ‘insecurity’ Al Jazeera

Saudi Aramco pares back IPO on weak foreign demand FT

Turkey’s Deportations Force Europe to Face Its ISIS Militants NYT

The Betrayal of the Kurds New York Review of Books


Impeachment hearings don’t move needle with Senate GOP The Hill

Trump Transition

Trump tells Kim Jong Un that ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden is ‘somewhat better’ than a ‘rabid dog’ NY Post

Saving the blue parrots of South America BBC

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