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Cows swept off island during Hurricane Dorian found after swimming for miles Guardian

A Million Geysers of Plasma Spout from the Sun, and Scientists May Finally Know Why

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales launches Twitter and Facebook rival FT

How Amazon’s quest for more, cheaper products has resulted in a flea market of fakes WaPo. “Despite Amazon’s algorithms designed to detect fakes, shoppers can type the phrase ‘YSL dupe’ into the site’s search bar and find knockoff handbags with Yves Saint Laurent’s logo.” Of course, the WSJ broke this story back in September.

Amazon suing Pentagon over $10B cloud contract, alleging ‘bias’ Politico

Uber Hit With $650 Million Employment Tax Bill in New Jersey (3) Bloomberg Law

NTSB Investigation Into Deadly Uber Self-Driving Car Crash Reveals Lax Attitude Toward Safety IEEE Spectrum (DL).

Is There a Threat of a New Global Economic Crisis? Valdai Discussion Club


U.K. Politicians Fight First December Election in Almost a Century Bloomberg

Policy Failure LRB. “Cowling’s mantra, in short, was that in the study of the past, there is only history, not theory; in the study of political history, there is only politics; in fighting the battle for power in Britain, there is only party.” Of the 30s….

Brexit: decline and fall EU Referendum

U.K. Labour Pledges to Nationalize BT’s Openreach Broadband Unit Bloomberg

Boris Johnson Is Not Britain’s Donald Trump. Jeremy Corbyn Is. The Atlantic. I guess that’s why the Five Eyes are gonna cancel him (I mean with respect to intelligence sharing. Or do I?).

Life expectancy in UK falls amid rise in avoidable deaths in disadvantaged communities, report shows Independent

Le Mesurier Gets Cross Craig Murry

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Tempers flare over rebuilding of Notre-Dame spire Agence France Presse

Venice’s legendary ‘waterproof’ bookshop overwhelmed by floods The Local


The worst-case scenario in Lebanon: Civil War Elijah J. Magnier. More volatility:

Bolivia’s Senate votes to appoint new chamber head, deputies Reuters. On the lithium theory, thread:

As Lula Emerges From Prison, US Media Ignore How Washington Helped Put Him There FAIR


After years of falling, poverty in India may have risen again since GST and demonetisation Quartz

A fungus is financing families in Pithoragarh People’s Archive of Rural India

South Korea

South Koreans and Americans Agree on How to Deal With China Council on Foreign Relations

Trump hikes price tag for US forces in Korea almost 500% as Seoul questions alliance CNN

Behind the scenes of the $27bn Yahoo-Line merger Nikkei Asian Review


Hong Kong protests: government under fire from across political spectrum for inaction as protesters take over campuses, close Cross-Harbour Tunnel, block roads and firebomb rail tracks South China Morning Post

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The Only Word You Need to Understand Emerging Markets Bloomberg

How to Conduct Business with Chinese Companies That See a Dark Future China Law Blog

Analysis of official deceased organ donation data casts doubt on the credibility of China’s organ transplant reform BMC Medical Ethics

Vietnam Needs to ‘Struggle’ More in the South China Sea The Diplomat

New Cold War

“…Tucker Carlson Criticized for Saying ‘Russia Poses No Threat to the United States At All’” Sic Semper Tyrannis

Ukrainegate impeachment saga worsens US-Russia Cold War (video) The Grayzone. Aaron Maté interviews Stephen Cohen.

Ukraine For Dummies Ray McGovern, Consortium News


Trump Exposed: A Brutal Day for the President Politico

What to Make of the First Day of Impeachment Hearings LawFare. Case for the prosecution.

What Impeachment Really Reveals About Ukraine The National Interest. Case for the defense.

The Two Irreconcilable Realities of the Impeachment Hearings Masha Gessen, The New Yorker. “The side of Reality One is acting as though this were a legal prosecution. The side of Reality Two is denying the prosecution’s legitimacy.”

Impeachment Is Redeeming the Blob Foreign Policy. So it’s all good.

Top Democrats privately concede major shift in public opinion on impeachment is unlikely CNN


Senate Democrats Join GOP to Back ‘Automatic Austerity’ Bill That Would Gut Social Programs, Hamstring Bold Policies Common Dreams. Getting up on my high horse for a moment: I really can’t think of a worse characterization for austerity proponents than “deficit scold,” though for some reason liberal Democrats like it. “Deficit scolds” are slaves to the ideas of long-dead economists and have caused a lot of suffering and death. They’re vicious sociopaths, not scolds.

Warren Wealth Tax Could Slow Economy, Early Analysis Finds NYT. From the from the Penn Wharton Budget Model: “[The model] assumed that the tax revenue would be used to reduce the national debt, a move that encourages growth in the Penn Wharton simulation.” All of a piece with the story above.

Andrew Yang wants to tax digital ads and launch a new algorithm regulator The Verge.

L’Affaire Joffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t trafficking women — and he didn’t kill himself, brother says Miami Herald

Health Care

‘I live on the street now’: how Americans fall into medical bankruptcy Guardian


Southwest pilots union warns Boeing may be rushing 737 Max return Boeing

Imperial Collapse Watch

Climate Change May Be Blowing Up Arms Depots Scientific American

Missing the Big Picture on Poverty Reduction Project Syndicate. More on Banerjee, Duflo, and Kremer.

Against Economics David Graeber, NYRB (TW).

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