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Invasive grasses increase fire occurrence and frequency across US ecoregions PNAS

How Tech From Australia Could Prevent California Wildfires and PG&E Blackouts IEEE Spectrum

This is not normal: what’s different about the NSW mega fires Sydney Morning Herald

How Scientists Got Climate Change So Wrong NYT. “Few thought it would arrive so quickly.”

Exploring East Antarctica and Its Role in Climate: A First-Hand Report Weather Underground

Global Warming Is Already Destroying New England’s Fisheries The New Republic (UserFriendly).

Coca-Cola is world’s largest plastic polluter for second year straight NY Post

McKinsey Faces Criminal Inquiry Over Bankruptcy Case Conduct NYT


Bolivia President Evo Morales announces resignation Deutsche Welle

MSM Adamantly Avoids The Word “Coup” In Bolivia Reporting Caitlin Johnstone

The Trump Administration Is Undercutting Democracy in Bolivia The Nation

Bolivia: audios leaked from opposition leaders calling for a coup against Evo Morales EN24. I can’t vouch for these, it seems unlikely to me that Morales supporters are going to be doing a lot of audio work right now. Perhaps we have some Spanish-speaking or, even better, Bolivian readers who can comment?

Local nuance matters. Thread:

The same issues apply with Maduro in Venezuela.

Bolivia’s Almost Impossible Lithium Dream Bloomberg. From 2018, still germane.

Venezuela selling cut-price oil as US sanctions bite FT


Here’s What British Companies Have Been Saying About Brexit Bloomberg

Jeremy Corbyn ‘will put national security at risk’: Spies fear UK could be frozen out of Five Eyes alliance amid claims Labour leader’s close aides will be BANNED from seeing top secret material over hard-Left links Daily Mail. So the “Five Eyes” is a supra-national entity more loyal to itself than to the voters who give each “Eye” legitimacy? Good to know.

Far right makes big gains as Socialists top inconclusive Spanish poll FT


Iran discovers new oil field with over 50 billion barrels AP

Iran starts key step in building second nuclear power plant: TV Reuters


Hong Kong police shoot protester, man set on fire AP

Hong Kong police and paramedics turn on each other at anti-government protest, as relations between emergency services continue to sour South Cinna Morning Post

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Signs of a deal between US and China, and a rethink The Interpreter

Opening up to foreign capital would be a mixed blessing for China FT

Contractors hit as China local government defaults rise FT

Foreigners visiting China are increasingly stumped by its cashless society Boing Boing


Impeachment: the allegations against US President Donald Trump Agence France Presse. Good summary

William Barr is racing to deliver a report that blows up the impeachment inquiry—and everything else Daily Kos. Consider the source, but I don’t see this put together elsewhere.

Trump aides fear John Bolton’s secret notes Axios

Trump Transition

Who will betray Trump? Politico

Nikki Haley claims top aides tried to recruit her to ‘save the country’ by undermining Trump WaPo

The Blob: Still Chasing After Pax Americana Andrew Bacevich, The American Conservative


Sanders, campaigning with AOC, says potential Bloomberg bid shows ‘the arrogance of billionaires’ ABC

New Poll Shows Democratic Candidates Have Been Living in a Fantasy World Jonathon Chait, New York Magazine. From last week, still germane. “[I]n six swing states — Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona — Trump is highly competitive… Almost two-thirds of the people who supported Trump in 2016, and then a Democrat in the 2018 midterms, plan to vote for Trump again in 2020.”

Trump’s Economy Is Working for Minorities Bloomberg

Our Famously Free Press

The Death of the Rude Press The New Republic (UserFriendly).

From symbiont to parasite: the evolution of for-profit science publishing Molecular Biology of the Cell

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

Alexa can you see? Amazon’s device could have EYES and even WALK in the future – despite privacy concerns about the gadget recording conversations Daily Mail. “[Amazon devices boss Dave Limp] also announced several new Alexa features he said had been designed to give users more control over their data. It includes the ability to ask Alexa what the assistant heard and a new auto-delete tool which will automatically wipe all a user’s saved audio recordings every three or 18 months.” So it takes three months minimum for Amazon to extract all the value from my data?

Guillotine Watch

The Seattle suburb where Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates both live is running out of money CNBC. From July, still germane.

Harrods Sets $2,500 Minimum Spend to Visit Santa Claus Bloomberg

Armored ICE Vehicle Sparks Panic In Queens During Firearms Bust Gothamist

Class Warfare

All of America’s 607 Billionaires Must Run for President The Intercept

Billionaires fear Warren and Sanders – but they should fear us all Robert Reich, Guardian

A $45,000 Loan for a $27,000 Ride: More Borrowers Are Going Underwater on Car Loans WSJ

Chicago book returns surge 240% after city eliminates fines ABC7

Terms of Service YouTube. “YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable.” Well, of course. But still.

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