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Maine is home to hundreds of spider species. Here’s a guide to the ones you might find. Bangor Daily News

Wilderness areas could reduce extinction risks by more than half Anthropocene

Economics’ Biggest Success Story Is a Cautionary Tale Foreign Policy. More on faux Nobelists Duflo and Banerjee.

WeWork, Neil Woodford and the modern ‘bezzle’ FT. A word with which NC readers will be familiar…

Amazon’s facial recognition misidentified Boston athletes as criminals Daily Dot

Indigenous elder slams ‘hollow and tokenistic’ consultation by Sidewalk Labs Toronto Star

Oil sands found to be a leading source of air pollution in North America Globe and Mail

AOC v. Exxon:


Brexit: French threaten no‑deal in five days by blocking delay The Times. Although The Times is often wrong.

SNP and Lib Dems write to EU chief calling for long Brexit extension Isle of Wight County Press

Labour MPs on why they backed Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill Guardian

Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal poses a rules-of-origin conundrum FT

UK PM Johnson’s Conservatives hold 16-point poll lead ahead of election decision Reuters. If I had volunteered for Momentum, I would not be a happy camper right now.

The most worrying thing about the Withdrawal Agreement Bill? What it doesn’t say Prospect. From last week, still germane.

John le Carré’s Scathing Tale of Brexit Britain The Atlantic


Trump Approves Special Ops Raid Targeting Isis Leader Baghdadi, Military Says He’s Dead Newsweek. Donald Trump became President today.

The Bombers Have Landed: B-1s Arrive in Saudi Arabia as Part of US Buildup (Re Silc).

The Weapons America Is Leaving Behind in Syria The New Republic. “Distributing arms in industrial quantities to questionable actors is a unique strength of the United States, even if counterinsurgency is not.”

The Syrian Tug of War Is Still War Against Syria, and Russians Trust the Army More Than President Putin to Wage It John Helmer

Ben Rhodes’ False Atonement for the Yemen War In These Times


Kashmir: Bipartisan consensus in US is in meltdown Indian Punchline

Coffee Prices Have Collapsed, Threatening the Livelihood of Millions Across the Global South The Nation (Re Silc).

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How China’s mystery author called its economic slowdown Financial Times

Pay with your face: 100m Chinese switch from smartphones Nikkei Asian Review

Interpretation on Several Questions on the Application of Law in Handling Criminal Cases Such as Criminal Use of Information Networks, and Assisting in Criminal Information Network Activities China Law Translate

New Cold War

$500,000 of Russian Cheese, Wasted? Matt Bivens, Medium. By the former editor of the Moscow Times. (This one is good, too.)

Russia Will Test Its Ability to Disconnect from the Internet Defense One

America Sponsors Far-Right Holocaust Revisionist Exhibit in Kiev, Part I Yasha Levine


Thanks, Whistle-Blower, Your Work Is Done Editorial Board, NYT

Frat Boy Thermopylae Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

Trump Transition

Unprecedented: The Trump NLRB’s attack on workers’ rights Economic Policy Institute


Billionaire George Soros says Elizabeth Warren ‘is the most qualified to be president’ CNBC (Krystyn Walentka).

Biden throws his campaign a lifeline Politico. Michael Adler, a Miami developer and Biden donor: ” $5 contributors shouldn’t determine the whole election.”

The Clintons surprise visit to a literacy program at po-boy shop, laundry about to go big Times-Picayune

Hillary Clinton Spoils the Party Jacob Bacharach, Truthdig

Our Famously Free Press

Media amnesia and the Facebook News Tab Columbia Journalism Review. All the controversy is about Breitbart, but I’m also concerned that only large venues (like Murdoch’s properties) will be paid to appear on the “news tab,” and smaller venues won’t. There should be a sliding scale. Otherwise, all we have is monopolists mutually reinforcing their market power.

Boeing 737 MAX

On Malfunctioning Max, Captain Had the Flu and Copilot Was a Sub Bloomberg. From the report by Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee.

Sports Desk

Advertisers flood World Series for D.C. opinion leaders Axios. One more reason not to root for The Nationals.

Imperial Collapse Watch

Do the Public and ‘the Blob’ Want the Same Things? The American Conservative

UK, US Enter New Era: ‘Unprecedented’ Carrier-Sharing Plan Breaking Defense. What’s the big deal about sharing the UK’s aircraft carrier deck space when we can turn to whole island into Airstrip One after Brexit?

PG&E connection to Kincade Fire could deepen utility’s jeopardy San Francisco Chronicle. Who missed the “enterprise risk” here?

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A Utility Company Is Scheduled To Shut Off Power To Nearly 3 Million Californians As A Massive Fire Grows Buzzfeed. The utility being PG&E. Handy map. “The company warned that outages could last more than 48 hours, and suggested customers should prepare for outages lasting several days.” What, the day before?

Guillotine Watch

While California Fires Rage, the Rich Hire Private Firefighters NYT (PR).

Class Warfare

Bernie Sanders compares the ultra-wealthy to drug addicts: “I need more, more, more” CBS

Teamsters won’t deliver across Chicago Teachers Union picket lines: ‘Today it’s them, tomorrow it’s us’ Chicago Tribune

The Twilight of Autopia Places Journal

Repressed Memories Are Back, Baby! The Stranger

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