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Search continues for the Alabama sturgeon, one of the rarest fish on earth From an excellent series, but how I loathe the elimination of real newspaper names in favor of bland, state-based URLs. How I prefer even the utilitarian “Birmingham News”!

After This Fungus Turns Ants Into Zombies, Their Bodies Explode NYT (GF).

Cyber Attack Hits Prominent Hedge Fund, Endowment, and Foundation Institutional Investor

WeWork’s sparsely populated China offices drain company’s cash FT

Kincade Fire: PG&E tower near ignition point of Sonoma County wildfire was not shut off, had broken equipment ABC7

‘Evil economics’: William Barber condemns proposed plastics facility in Cancer Alley Guardian

The Permian Basin Is Facing Its Biggest Threat Yet Bloomberg

Thirst turns to anger as Australia’s mighty river runs dry Reuters

The myth of green growth FT


Brexit: will you, won’t you…? EU Referendum

Boris Johnson rolls the Brexit dice again and Boris Johnson’s Brexit man Politico

Brexit: “Do or die” The Interpreter. Or, alternatively, do and die.

Most voters think risk of violence against MPs is ‘price worth paying’ over Brexit Guardian (Vlad: “If you sow wind….”).

Bolivia elections: Morales officially declared winner BBC

Around the World, Protesters Take to the Streets Foreign Policy


Exclusive: U.S. Has Plan to Send Tanks and Troops to ‘Secure’ Syria Oil Fields Amid Withdrawal Newsweek

Israel and Gulf States Are Going Public With Their Relationship Bloomberg

Russia to present own Persian Gulf security doctrine till yearend Tehran Times

The Putin-Erdogan Deal Poses a Challenge to the West Bloomberg

Iraqi Kurds turn to Zoroastrianism as faith, identity entwine France24


Kashmir is seething — and somebody needs to step in before it’s too late The Independent


U.S. Fears Mass Boycott as Chinese Turn to Homegrown Brands Bloomberg

Former Malaysian PM Najib Razak had no idea millions in his accounts came from 1MDB, defence argues South China Morning Post

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New Cold War

Zombie NATO Expansion Stumbles On The American Conservative (Re Silc).

How Vodka Became a Currency in Russia Atlas Obscura


The Codevilla Tapes Tablet. A very, very interesting interview — you can skip past the lengthy intro — with an old school national security mandarin, Angelo Codevilla. Here is an important nugget:

INTERVIEWER: I have some close personal friends who are more on the left, and I said to them: OK. Where’s the evidence? Who did what when to whom? Where are the quids and where are the quos? What’s going on here? And all they could say is, “Well, the investigation is going on.”

Whose fault is this?

[CODEVILLA:] The fault here is not of Democrats on the left. The fault here is of Donald Trump and his friends who have refused to enforce the most basic laws here. The most obvious one is . It states that any revelation, regardless of circumstance or intent, any revelation period, of anything having to do with U.S. communications intelligence is punishable by the 10 and 10. Ten years in the slammer, and $10,000 fine. Per count.

Now .

Considering these matters are highly classified, and that the number of the people involved is necessarily very small, identifying them is child’s play. But no effort to do that has been made.

I’m not a lawyer, but Codevilla seems like an authoritative source (e.g., “directly involved in the drafting of the original FISA law in 1978”).

Justice Dept. Is Said to Open Criminal Inquiry Into Its Own Russia Investigation NYT. Before, Durham didn’t have subpoena power. Now he does.

The Blob Strikes Back The National Interest

Trump Transition

The CBO Just Handed Us Two Trillion Dollars J.W. Mason. The CBO played a fantastically destructive role in the health care debate of 2009-2010, since the CBO, by definition, cannot measure national accounts. So even though #MedicareForAll saves the country hundreds of billions, it “scores” poorly. No doubt the “pay for” crowd, which sadly but not unexpectedly includes Elizabeth Warren, will leverage that leverage that in favor of their preferred policy option, for which the bottom line is preserving the existence of private health insurance.

Team Trump Admits Holding Back Billions For Puerto Rico Disaster Recovery DC Report

William Barr: Anti-Terror Tactics Can Help Thwart Mass Shooters HuffPo

Hawley to Introduce Bill to Move Federal Agencies out of Washington D.C. to Economically Stagnant Areas National Review

Controversial copyright bill inches closer to becoming law as House approves Ars Technica


Warren faces tough choices on funding ‘Medicare for all’ The Hill. “Government faces tough choices in funding F-35,” wrote no editor, ever.

Economists rush to help Sen. Elizabeth Warren solve Medicare-for-all tax puzzle WaPo. At this point we recall this chart, which I have suitably annotated:

Are Our Brains Wired to Reject Medicare for All? David Corn, Mother Jones. Every time I think we’ve reached peak liberalism, Clara Jeffreys proves me wrong. Redeploying Corn from the RussiaRussiaRussia desk to the #MedicareForAll desk is a master-stroke (and shows what the liberal Democrat hive mind perceives as the real threat).

Bernie Sanders Vows to Revive Criminal Prosecutions of CEOs for Unfair Trade Practices The Intercept (nippersmom). Even the horrid Bush administration prosecuted Enron executives. But [genuflects] Obama? Not so much.

Who Revolts? Empirically Revisiting the Social Origins of Democracy The Journal of Politics. Important in the Sanders v. Warren controversy.

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Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

Joe Rogan Experience #1368 – Edward Snowden YouTube

Snowden reconsidered Gilbert Doctorow

Imperial Collapse Watch

OK, the collapse of the British Empire, but still. Thread:

Black Injustice Tipping Point

A Health Care Algorithm Offered Less Care to Black Patients Wired

An Undeserved Gift The Bitter Southerner. Okra.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 (15-inch) Teardown iFixit. Microsoft (!) makes a real move toward right-to-repair. “[W]e take a stab with our opening tool at the seam between the upper and lower case, and … it comes right apart! With nary a speck of unsightly glue in sight! … Just like that, the whole top cover assembly lifts away! This is a magical moment.”

Book Review: Against the Grain Slate Star Codex

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