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Paris zoo unveils the “blob”, an organism with no brain but 720 sexes Reuters

‘Bingo!’ In a remarkable first, humpback whales spotted using their fins to scoop up fish Science (guurst).

People are reporting sightings of the Tasmanian tiger, thought to be extinct CNN

Humans Will Never Live on Another Planet, Nobel Laureate Says. Here’s Why. Live Science. Eat your heart out, Elon.

Yahoo Groups is shutting down and deleting all content on December 14, 2019. Reddit/r/Archiveteam (EM).


UK and EU on verge of Brexit deal Politico. “While accepting a customs border down the Irish Sea, the proposed deal would keep Northern Ireland within the U.K.’s customs remit when it comes to trade, diplomats say.”

Boris Johnson heads to crucial Brussels summit TODAY: Last-ditch talks go down to the wire after DUP scuppered Brexit draft – but PM and EU remain confident agreement CAN be ‘finalised’ within hours as even hardliners hail ‘great progress’ Daily Mail. “Downing Street confirmed the government will now table a motion for the Commons to sit on Saturday – the first Saturday sitting since the Falklands War. If there is a deal at the summit today MPs will be asked to approve it on Saturday, but if not Mr Johnson is expected to stage a vote on whether to delay Brexit or go for No Deal. ”

Brexit: madder and madder EU Referendum

Saturday’s gonna be a busy day….

On a lighter note, thread:

Europe’s Margrethe Vestager Takes a Rare Step Toward Big Tech NYT


Trump wrote letter to Erdogan telling him ‘don’t be a fool’ CNN. Contrarian view, and note the source:

Pelosi: Trump had ‘meltdown’ during White House meeting on Syria – as it happened Guardian. House votes against stopping a war they never voted to start.

Exclusive: U.S. carried out secret cyber strike on Iran in wake of Saudi oil attack: officials Reuters (WB).

The Unholy Mess of US Middle Eastern Strategy Valdai Discussion Club

Khmer Riche Reuters

The Koreas

Policy shift anticipated as North Korea’s Kim rides white horse on sacred mountain Reuters

A terrible pandemic is killing pigs around the world, and U.S. pork producers fear they could be hit next WaPo. No worries. We can sell to the UK after Brexit.

Huawei surveillance: Chinese snooping tech seen spreading to nations vulnerable to abuse, keeping tabs on trouble-makers Japan Times


Xi vows to shatter Hong Kong rebellion that is of his own making Nikkei Asian Review

Inside the battle for Hong Kong FT

Jimmy Sham, leader of Hong Kong democracy group Civil Human Rights Front, attacked on Mong Kok street South China Morning Post. Good old-fashioned police work:

* * *

China Makes A Move On OPEC’s No.2

Convivial War: How Wall Street Recolonized Brazil. Part Three. Brasil Wire

Haiti and the Convenience of Imperial Amnesia Black Agenda Report

Trump Transition

“There Is Definite Hanky-Panky Going On”: The Fantastically Profitable Mystery of the Trump Chaos Trades Vanity Fair. Looks like the deplorables aren’t the only volatility voters? Comments from traders welcome.

Top US think tank criticized for taking $12 million from a Russia-tied oligarch Quartz. CFR isn’t a bottom-feeder like CAP (UAE) so this is pretty shocking.

T-Mobile and Sprint get FCC approval to merge in 3-2 party-line vote Ars Technica

Obama endorses Justin Trudeau’s re-election bid just weeks after blackface scandal The Week


Protecting the ‘Whistleblower’ & Other Preposterous Pranks Consortium News. (But see Snowden, Ellsberg on “the whistleblower”).


Historically accurate election model shows Trump on his way to reelection The Hill (WB) (Original from Moody’s, which has an interesting discussion of methodology).


After 184 years, Cherokees seek House delegate seat promised in treaty Roll Call. Elizabeth?

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

The US military is trying to read minds MIT Technology Review (EJ).

CISA’s Request for Subpoena Power Lawfare. DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Google exec says Nest owners should probably warn their guests that their conversations are being recorded Business Insider (KW). Never, ever buy a device that’s marketed as being “smart.”

Well, well, well. Fancy that. shelves planned pr0n block The Register

Huge Child P**n Ring Busted as Authorities Cite Ability to Crack Bitcoin Privacy Gizmodo

Health Care

Wendell Potter Health care debate shows the lies I told for insurance companies about ‘Medicare for All’ worked NBC (MV).

737 MAX

Airlines Split on How to Inform Customers Once Troubled 737 Jets Return to Skies Sputnik News (KW).

‘Hunter killer assassins’: Why the Boeing saga is the story of our times Seattle Times

Pontifications: Muilenburg loses chairman’s title; are his days numbered? Leeham News and Analysis

Our Famously Free Press

Flacks and Figures The Baffler

The Business of Homelessness: NYC’s Biggest Shelter Contractor Makes Millions, Offers Shoddy Facilities Sludge

Class Warfare

Details revealed: What’s in the tentative UAW GM contract? WXYZ

UAW & GM Have an Agreement. Will Strikers Vote Yes? Labor Notes. Explanation of “tiers.”

Thousands of Chicago teachers vote to strike CBS

Aging, thin pipe likely cause of Philadelphia refinery fire Patriot-News. “Philadelphia Energy .” Never eat at a place called Mom’s….

Want To Know Whether A Psychology Study Will Replicate? Just Ask A Bunch Of People British Psychological Society

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