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This record-breaking pumpkin is heavier than a small car and big enough to fit inside CNN

Some corals ‘killed’ by climate change are now returning to life New Scientist

Global economy is at risk from a monetary policy black hole Larry Summers, FT

Wall Street paid big fees from public funds — and takes more in secret profits Philadelphia Inquirer. From September, still germane.

Private equity firms go small after string of big deals collapse FT


Brexit party voters will decide Boris Johnson’s fate Spectator

IS SUMMIT GOING ON? Boris Johnson talks DUP into major climbdown sparking negotiations for last minute Brexit deal The Sun. But see–

Dodds warns mooted Brexit compromise ‘cannot work’ RTE. Dodds is Deputy leader of the DUP.

Brexit: a future so opaque EU Referendum

John Hume on the end of the Unionist veto in Ulster LRB. From 1989, still germane.


Betraying the Kurds Yasha Levine

American Exceptionalism And The Myth Of Abandoned Victory LobeLog


Realty bites: Indian property slump leaves beleaguered banks exposed Reuters

Modi, Xi inject new momentum in India-China ties, decide to set up new mechanism for boosting trade Times of India

Falling: Love and Marriage in a Conservative Indian Family Long Reads

‘This is the darkest period of our life’ People’s Archive of Rural India

Japan sends in thousands of troops after massive typhoon hammers Tokyo Reuters

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What China’s May 4th Movement can tell us about Hong Kong protests: listen to the people Hong Kong Free Press

Clock ticking on Hong Kong luxury store closures if protests continue – it could end up like a third-tier city in China, LVMH executive says SCMP

* * *

Trump said he made the ‘biggest deal ever’ with China for farmers, but a written resolution to the trade war is still a long way off Business Insider

China makes few concessions in trade truce with US FT

‘Phase 1’ of US-China deal was easy, now comes the hard part Nikkei Asian Review

Apple Told Some Apple TV+ Show Developers Not To Anger China Buzzfeed

Army deployed in Ecuador as protests descend into violence Guardian

Explainer: What’s behind Haiti’s deadly protests, and possible outcomes Reuters

Peru’s Leader More Popular Than Ever After Shutting Congress Bloomberg

20 ways Lawfare led to Brazil’s State of Exception Brasil Wire

New Cold War

Ukrainians Are More Concerned With Russia Peace Talks Than Trump Call NPR

Everything on Display Russian in Global Affairs. “The White House’s decision to release the transcript of the telephone conversation the U.S. and Ukrainian presidents held in September 2019, albeit with the former’s consent, creates a precedent with far-reaching consequences.”


Is Impeachment Now Inevitable? Patrick Buchanan, The American Conservative

What Happened in the Trump Impeachment Inquiry This Week NYT

The Cipollone Letter: Trouble in the White House Counsel’s Office LawFare

Adam Schiff has 2 aides who worked with whistleblower at White House Washington Examiner

The Impeachment Loophole No One’s Talking About Washingtonian


What, Exactly, Is Tulsi Gabbard Up To? NYT. An especially crude hit piece.

A Few Informed Thoughts From a Veteran Cardio Rehab Nurse on Bernie’s Heart Attack Common Dreams

Ukrainian Oligarch Victor Pinchuk Is Putting His Money On Joe Biden For President At $40,000 Per Month – That’s $3,000 More Per Month Than Burisma Was Paying Hunter Biden Dances With Bears

Calling All Class Traitors Medium

Groves of Academe

Rotten STEM: How Technology Corrupts Education American Affairs

Confession: I fixed my kids’ admission into top colleges Greg Palast, Tikkun

Our Famously Free Press

Digital First Media Outsources Design Abroad for Higher Profits The Intercept. There’s nothing “creative” about this destruction.

MSNBC and Daily Beast Feature UAE Lobbyist David Rothkopf With No Disclosure: a Scandalous Media-Wide Practice The Intercept

L’Affaire Joffrey Epstein

Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past NYT. “Two members of Mr. Gates’s inner circle — Boris Nikolic and Melanie Walker — were close to Mr. Epstein and at times functioned as intermediaries between the two men.” Nothing to see here!

Dennis Muilenburg stripped of Boeing chairmanship FT. About time.

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Class Warfare

Treated Like Meat: Women in Meatpacking Say #MeToo In These Times

‘I Have Rights:’ How Undocumented Laborers Are Exploited During Disaster Recovery Gizmodo

‘I don’t think they know we exist’ WaPo

Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans collapse: What we know, don’t know day after tragedy Times-Picayune. Here in the First World, buildings under construction aren’t supposed to just collapse.

Out of Time Lapham’s Quarterly

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