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Stuffed with sockeye salmon, ‘Holly’ wins ‘Fat Bear Week’ heavyweight title MPR News (Chuck L)

Huge stash of walnuts squirreled away under car bonnet in US BBC (resilc). Winter is coming….

Watch Genius Pigs Use Tools in a Scientific First Vice

Genes partially explain dog breed behaviors Futurity (David L)

Sea-level rise threatens 13 million Americans. Can FEMA help? Grist

Climate Activists Block Roads, Stage Protests Worldwide Time (furzy)

Interview: Climate change is increasing number of days with heavy rainfall, says IMD chief Scroll (J-LS)

Back from the dead: Some corals regrow after ‘fatal’ warming PhysOrg. Chuck L: “Maybe it ain’t all over yet for the Great Barrier Reef.”

Climate activists block traffic in Berlin as protests heat up The Local (furzy)

What Are the Actual Chances of Being Buried Alive? LitHub (J-LS)

From ‘Gemini Man’ to ‘The Irishman’: Dawn of the De-Aged Actor Hollywood Reporter (J-LS)

How to Avoid an Encore Wall Street Journal. On Placido Domingo.


U.S. Weighs Currency Pact With China as Part of Partial Deal Bloomberg

Hong Kong protests: economy lost an estimated HK$2.8 billion over ‘golden week’, experts say South China Morning Post (Kevin W)

China Attacks Apple For Allowing Hong Kong Crowdsourced Police Activity App TechCrunch


EU WHAT? Remainer Speaker John Bercow holds secret meeting with EU chief about holding second referendum The Sun

Brexit latest: No extension without new referendum or an election, EU insists Telegraph. Consistent with their past position, but now apparently a harder line.

There’s no deal – so what next? Spectator

Brussels braced for possible Boris Johnson walk-out at next week’s Brexit summit Telegraph. We said high drama from Johnson was guaranteed, this is just a particular flavour of that.

Brexit: MPs could hijack emergency Saturday sitting of Commons to force through second referendum Independent. More confirmatory referendum bollocks.

No-deal Brexit threatens the health of UK citizens living with HIV in other European countries AIDSmap (timotheus)

Mexicans are killing each other at record rates. The U.S. provides the guns Los Angeles Times (resilc). Not surprising. The US is an arms merchant at every price point.


America Doesn’t Belong in Syria American Conservative (resilc)

Not Just Ethnicity: Turkey v. Kurds and the Great Divide over Political Islam v. the Secular Left Juan Cole

Kurdish soldiers I spoke to feared Trump would be a treacherous ally. But the scale of his betrayal is terrifying Independent

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

When social media stops being social: How Twitter and Facebook have rendered Americans uncivil, insecure & addicted RT (Kevin W)

Trump Transition

Congress set for showdown with Trump over Kurds The Hill

Republican anger grows as Trump disavows Kurds by saying they didn’t help during WWII CNN (Kevin W)

Matt Drudge, an influential figure in conservative media, sours on Trump as he faces impeachment CNN (furzy)

Trump Fatigue American Conservative (resilc)

Dear Ellen DeGeneres: The Problem With Bush Is His War Crimes Intercept (resilc)


How Americans’ Views On Impeachment Have Changed In Just One Week FiveThirtyEight (resilc)

Does Medicare Coverage Improve Cancer Detection and Mortality Outcomes? SSRN

Comment on Davis, Haltiwanger, Handley, Lipsius, Lerner. and Miranda, “The Economic Effects of Private Equity Buyouts” Eileen Appelbaum, CEPR. Dry title but readable and deadly post.

Cracks Found on 5% of Older Boeing 737 Planes in Inspections Bloomberg

SEC Launches Investigation of Practices in Retirement Plans for Teachers, Government Employees Wall Street Journal. Not defined benefit plans like CalPERS and CalSTRS, but 403(b) and 457 plans, which the SEC regulates. Even though the Journal piously pretends it doesn’t know why the normally somnambulant agency roused itself, the authors (which include Gretchen Morgenson) tip their hats:

News of the SEC investigation comes after New York state’s financial-services watchdog last week opened a probe of insurance-industry practices in the 403(b) market. The New York Department of Financial Services has demanded that a dozen major life insurers detail how they market retirement-income products to teachers, in a bid to assess whether insurers or their agents are taking advantage of teachers in selling potentially high-cost and inappropriate retirement-savings investments.

Federal agencies hate being end-run by state regulators, and the young New York Department of Financial Services already has a lot of notches on its belt.

Billionaire Warren Buffett Is Predicting a Stock Market Crash; Is He Right? CNN (furzy)

From financial crisis to inequality — how economists got it wrong Financial Times. This is a frustrating piece, since the books sound simplistic, which may be a function of the review as opposed to the books. For instance, depicting capitalism as only the US “liberal meritocratic capitalism” version versus China’s “political capitalism” is just wrongheaded. What about the “market capitalism” of the 19th century analyzed in depth in Polyani’s The Great Transformation? What about the socialistic flavors in place in Japan and in Sweden and Norway (the latter two have been eroded by neoliberalism but are still bona fide models)? And that’s before you consider, as we’ve explained, that meritocracy is unattainable even within companies.

Democracy on a Knife-Edge Project Syndicate (David L)

Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen on why the answer to the inflation puzzle matters Brookings (Kevin C)

Senators Warn Visa, Mastercard to Think Twice About Joining Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Scheme Gizmodo (Kevin W)

Class Warfare

California governor signs statewide rent-control law Associated Press. Calling this “rent control” is bit of a stretch. Vastly weaker than NYC “rent stabilization,” which in turn is weaker than NYC “rent control”. While it restricts evictions, it appears that there is a huge loophole: not giving tenants the right to lease renewal. In NYC, if a tenant is current on a rent stabilized or controlled apartment, the landlord must offer a lease renewal.

Organized Amazon Warehouse Workers Just Got Two Fired Co-Workers Rehired Vice (Dan K)

Sesame Street to reveal muppet’s mom suffered from addiction The Hill. UserFriendly: “Everything is going according to plan.

Antidote du jour (MGL, from Yellowstone):

And a bonus. Lance N: “Another snow leopard being goofy. Y’know, they may just have itchy teeth.”

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