Via The Moscow Times

The Russian government has named McDonald’s a “systemically important” company, which could be in line for special government support if the coronavirus outbreak worsens across the country.

Business daily Vedomosti reported Monday that the Kremlin has tripled the number of companies it has designated as vital to the smooth functioning of the Russian economy, adding the American fast food giant, along with its rival Burger King and Swedish furniture behemoth Ikea.

The list now includes roughly 600 businesses which will undergo stress tests starting this week to determine whether they would need assistance from the Russian government to continue operating amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The preparations come as Moscow ordered its older residents to stay inside and reports continue to circulate about a possible lockdown of the capital. Russia has imposed strict restrictions on international travel, including stopping many flights and requiring new arrivals from coronavirus hotspots to self quarantine, but it has not imposed the kind of lockdown that has been seen in many European countries.

Other Russian companies added to the list include airlines Utair and S7, Moscow’s second-largest airport, Domodedovo, and St. Petersburg’s main airport, Pulkovo. 

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