Via Max Keiser

In this episode of the #KeiserReport, Max and Stacy, in their latest episode from Paris, mark the beginning of their ten year anniversary by looking back on where it all started. From autumn of 2009, it started with the very first episode about the late Danny Schechter’s film, PLUNDER: THE CRIME OF OUR TIME. Ten years later this still holds true both in the real economy where the world continues to suffer from the quantitative easing and other extraordinary measures taken to bailout the banks after their plunder and on the Keiser Report where the ongoing plunder and the rolling aftermath unfold in headlines across each episode. They then turn to their conversation with #MattTaibbi from one of the show’s first ever episodes about the naked short selling swindle. They then conclude with a look at the Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation (#GIABO) that continues to this day for the same (mostly) unprosecuted crimes outlined since episode one.

TEN YEARS!!!!!!!!

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