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The more we read, the more baffled we are that Elon Musk was able to win his defamation trial against British cave diving hero Vern Unsworth, who Musk publicly labeled both “pedo guy” and a “child rapist”. 

The latest chapter in the saga comes from The Daily Mail, who reported yesterday that Unsworth had been subject to four investigations by Thai police due to Musk’s allegations. Elon Musk’s aides reportedly encouraged a private investigator that they hired – who later turned out to be convicted felon – to leak any dirt they found to the media.

E-mails and text messages show that when the PI was unable to dig up dirt, the investigator “resorted to peddling lies and unfounded innuendo.”

The messages also show how private investigators posed as charity workers and journalists to try and elicit information on Unsworth. They also admitted to carrying out a “bin spin”, which is slang for going through a person’s trash in order to try and find dirt on them.

Using a pseudonym “Jim Brickhouse”, Musk’s family office manager urged a PI to find evidence that Unsworth was “linked to an extreme level of darkness”. The operation was code named “Operation Rowena” and cost Musk 40,000 pounds.

Their goal of trying to find information to use against Unsworth failed miserably. As time went by without information, Musk’s family office manager become more desperate for information. “Clearly we’d like information now. There is some urgency to this situation,” he said on August 27. 

He also suggested trying to interview Unsworth’s wife by posing as a journalist. “If employing additional asset is possible… we’ll support this, even if it means an additional expense,” he wrote. 

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Unsworth commented: “That they would talk of doing that shows you the depths to which they sank to try to ruin me. It’s sickening.”

Unsworth continued, talking about the trial: “Musk said ‘pedo guy’ was just an insult, yet here was the head of his private office hoping to prove what he says he didn’t mean – that I am a paedophile – and then planning to smear me publicly. When I saw these documents, I was dumbfounded.”

“I’m incredibly proud of what we did to save the boys’ lives and I’m proud I was a part of it. Yet my legal battle with Musk has cast a very dark cloud and come close to wrecking my life,” Unsworth continued. 

He concluded: “If Musk had come out and done a full apology, got on the phone to me and said he was sorry in the media, that would have put an end to it. I just wanted him to put the record straight – but he didn’t.”

Recall, we recently reported on L. Lin Wood, Unsworth’s attorney, who, after the case, appeared to bizarrely capitulate to Elon Musk. No matter what may have been going on behind the scenes, it appears as though the one person who got the short end of the stick in this drama-show was Mr. Unsworth.