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US President Donald Trump has dismissed claims the foiled plot to kidnap Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had government backing, insisting he’d have done it differently – as a proper “invasion” with an “army.”

Trump called in to Fox & Friends on Friday to pour cold water on the idea that the mercenaries arrested earlier this week attempting to land at the northern tip of Venezuela were on official business from Washington.

If we ever did anything with Venezuela, it wouldn’t be that way. It’d be slightly different. It’d be called an invasion.

“If I wanted to go into Venezuela I wouldn’t make a secret about it,” Trump said.

Trump dismissed the failed raiders as a “rogue group,” smirking that “it wasn’t led by General George Washington, obviously” and reiterating that stealth wasn’t his style.

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When silence speaks volumes: US cut off ALL communication channels with Caracas after botched mercenary raid, says Maduro

Two Americans from Florida-based mercenary firm Silvercorp were among the 13 men detained on Monday as they attempted to land on Venezuelan shores. In an interrogation tape that has since surfaced, one of the mercenaries claimed the aim of the mission was to seize an airport, kidnap Maduro, and deliver him to the US.

While Washington has long sought to oust Maduro from power, the Trump administration quickly sought to distance itself from the failed plot. However, Maduro has hinted he has evidence Trump himself “personally ordered” the “covert operation.” The Venezuelan leader pointed out that the US cut off all communication with Caracas following the foiled attack.

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