All we can say is that we hope Elon Musk’s questionable Neuralink demonstration that was given days ago was legitimate.

Because otherwise, the hope Musk is drumming up in desperate people who suffer from ailments (and whose family members and close friends suffer from ailments) would only be akin to the faith healers and psychic hotlines of the 1990’s. 

While we don’t necessarily endorse the idea that Musk faked the Neuralink presentation (although after Tesla’s Solar Roof Tile and battery swap presentations, we would certainly have good reason to), we wanted to highlight the gravity of claims that Musk has made about Neuralink.

It goes beyond cleaning up your carbon footprint and pulls at the emotional heartstrings of many who are suffering. Musk has claimed that Neuralink would eventually be able to “help cure neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia and spinal cord injuries and ultimately fuse humankind with artificial intelligence”.

This sent droves of desperate people looking for relief to Twitter, as was documented by the Twitter account @GretaMusk in a thread on Saturday. “It is literally everything,” one person wrote. “I can’t stop crying…it means help for my son.”

Another wrote: “My daughter has Rett syndrome” and “I wonder if Neuralink could potentially help people like her.” Others sought relief from PTSD, bi-polar disorder and lupus. 

Other people Tweeted, seeking relief for their friends and family members from Alzheimers, dystonia and pontocerebellar hypoplasia:

“I hope you can look into helping people like me,” one person wrote, “…who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia”. Others continued to ask for relief from ailments like OCD, depression and anxiety – even blindness.

Former neuroscience researcher turned Gizmodo journalist Shoshana Wodinsky was – well, less than convinced and less than enthused by the demo. She called Neuralink’s claims “impossible” and said, on the night of the demonstration: “I did not spend 5 years getting a neuroscience degree to watch this manchild literally brainfuck a pig on stage.” 

Neuralink has said that it aims to “implant wireless brain-computer interfaces that include thousands of electrodes in the most complex human organ to help cure neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia and spinal cord injuries and ultimately fuse humankind with artificial intelligence,” according to Reuters.

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Musk continued to tout that line of thinking, stating on Friday: “An implantable device can actually solve these problems.”

To demonstrate it, Musk showed what appeared to be a demonstration of Neuralink on a pig named Gertrude.

Musk narrated: “The beeps you are hearing are real-time signals from the Neuralink in Gertrude’s head. This Neuralink connects to neurons that are in her snout. Whenever she shuffles around and touches something with her snout that sends out neural spikes that are detected here.”

Here’s what the pig demonstration looked like when it happened

“On the screen you can see each of the neural spikes,” he continued. Talking about the safety of the product, he said: “I could have a Neuralink right now and you wouldn’t know. Maybe I do.”

“It’s kind of like a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires,” Musk continued. 

But, as we noted, not everyone was sold on the demonstration:

For the sake of those holding out hope, we hope Elon was on the up-and-up. But again, we aren’t talking about people’s cars here, we’re talking about people’s lives.

If we were you, we’d tread lightly, Elon…

Via Zerohedge