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In many states workers can do better collecting unemployment than being employed.

Please consider the Coronavirus Unemployment Calculator to determine when and where it’s better not to work.

Under the CARES Act, Americans laid off due to the coronavirus receive an additional $600 a week for the next four months, ending July 31st or upon employment. In addition, the unemployment window has been increased in each state by 13 weeks.

Massachusetts generous unemployment policies combined with the stimulus means all workers making under $73,996 would receive more a week unemployed than they do from working.

Many of these salaries outstrip the state’s median income, meaning the majority of workers would receive more from an unemployment check than a paycheck.

The stimulus package made significant changes to state unemployment. For the next four months, the unemployed will receive an additional $2,400 a month. Similarly, the added 13 weeks provides people longer to find a job in a new hostile job market.

The new package does mean a good chunk of the workforce are now receiving paychecks smaller than they would on unemployment. This includes workers in essential businesses, including hospitals and super markets, who are putting themselves in harm’s way to keep society running.

This is ridiculous of course.

The next stimulus measure needs to cap the benefit at some percentage below what people were making. 

Instead, the next package aims to increase the amounts and pay illegal immigrants as well.

Under threat of a progressive revolt, the House Narrowly Passes $3 Trillion Aid Package

The House narrowly passed a sprawling, $3 trillion coronavirus-relief package Friday night, capping a weeklong effort by Democratic leaders to quash rebellions from various wings of their party.

The House bill includes about $1 trillion in direct aid to states and localities, including grants and education assistance, to deal with the effects of the pandemic. It would put a new round of one-time cash payments into Americans’ bank accounts, extend the duration of enhanced jobless benefits, help cover some rents and mortgages, forgive some student-loan debt and send premium pay to essential workers in fields such as health care.

The bill overcame a key hurdle Friday night when Democratic leaders were able to beat back a Republican effort to strip out a contentious provision enabling undocumented immigrants who have tax identification numbers to receive direct stimulus paymentsKey blocs of liberal and Hispanic lawmakers had threatened to oppose the overall bill if that measure were removed, but voting to preserve it was a political challenge for more centrist Democrats, particularly those in districts won by President Trump.

Republicans made clear that the bill has no prospect of advancing in the GOP-led Senate. “It’s a parade of absurdities that can hardly be taken seriously,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) said Thursday on Fox News. Mr. McConnell said that he had spoken recently with President Trump and cabinet officials and that they agree another bill is probably necessary but that “it’s not going to be a $3 trillion left-wing wish list like the speaker is apparently going to try to jam down the throats of her majority.”

Undocumented Definition

Undocumented means illegal.

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But it is politically incorrect to be correct. 

Dead on Arrival

The bill of course is dead on arrival in the Senate. 

Heck even 14 Democrats could not stomach the bill, and that’s saying quite a lot.

Undocumented Giveaway in California

Meanwhile, in California, Governor Newsom will give $125 million to “undocumented immigrants” affected by coronavirus. 

They can apply for Covid-19 Relief starting Monday.

California is home to more than 2 million undocumented immigrants who aren’t eligible to receive unemployment or stimulus checks from the government.

But the state has set up funding to help support them during the coronavirus crisis, providing $125 million through a public-private partnership. It’s been touted as the first fund of its kind to support undocumented immigrants. The state will contribute $75 million to the fund, with the remaining $50 million coming from private philanthropic partners.

Public-Private Giveaway

California is willing to give $75 million in taxpayer money to illegal immigrants if private philanthropic partners contribute $50 million to the pot. 


This Mess Could Have Been Largely Solved

On January 24, 2018, Democrats offered Trump $20 billion for a wall. .

Senate minority leader Schumer went to the White House and told Trump he could have his wall. “The president picked a number for the wall, and I accepted it,” Schumer recalled in the midst of the shutdown. He had agreed to a significant sum of money for the wall—reported to be $20 billion, though the Democrat’s office will neither confirm nor deny that figure—in exchange for Trump’s support of permanent protections for the nearly 700,000 young undocumented immigrants covered under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Negotiation Points

  • Dreamers need to verify address

  • Dreamers need to have no criminal background

  • Dreamers need to have been in the US for x number of years (x negotiable)

  • Dreamers need to apply for a Dreamer’s Card and will immediately be accepted if they meet the above criteria

  • Dreamers not applying for a card and caught in a crime would immediately be deported

  • e-Verify tightened

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That was one hell of a great starting point that Schumer threw on Trump’s lap.

Instead, Trump got next to nothing for a wall and we still have an immigration mess.

Some of these illegals have been here 5 years or longer, have kids that are US citizens, and are productive members of society. 

Instead of verifying criminal backgrounds and granting a path for citizenship for those who have been her five years or more, the plan is to slosh around money to  all the illegals on a first come first serve basis in California, and to all of them in the House Plan.

This kind of progressive nonsense will not help the Democrats in  November.