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The Houthi rebels have claimed that they struck an Aramco distribution facility this week in Jeddah. Energy Ministry sources said there was a fire at the North Petroleum Products Distribution Station as a result of the attack, and satellite photos support this.

While Libya has managed to bring up its oil production to 1.25 million bpd, its troubles are not yet over. There is now an issue of the Central Bank, which has historically handled all oil revenues. However, the NOC is now alleging that the Central Bank mismanaged the oil revenues in the past. The NOC said it would no longer allow revenues to go through the Bank until transparency is improved and more information on what happened to previous oil revenues is forthcoming.

The situation in Iran and Israel is intensifying. The Israeli military is readying for a possible strike against Iran by the United States. Meanwhile, Iranian nuclear scientist Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh has been assassinated in a town east of Tehran. The scientist is considered the father of Iran’s nuclear bomb, and has been shrouded in secrecy for years, without even a photo of the scientist available until a couple of years ago. Few have met him, and few know what he looks like. The Iran Atomic Energy Organization Spox has denied the assassination report, saying that there has been no incident involving nuclear scientists. Meanwhile, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has vowed to avenge his death.…

Via Oilprice.com

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