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William Nordhaus

As if the failures of scientists’ model forecasts surrounding COVID-19 deaths never occurred and the dishonest focus by the media about the proper methods to understand COVID-19 never occurred,  Yale University’s William Nordhaus, who won a Nobel prize for his work on the economics of climate change, writes in an upcoming Foreign Affairs article, “The quick spread of COVID-19 is a grim reminder of how global forces respect no boundaries and of the perils of ignoring global problems until they threaten to overwhelm countries that refuse to prepare and cooperate.”

Of course, what really appears to respect no boundaries is bad science, bad modelling and power freaks who want to control the world.

Nordhaus is calling for new international action to fight climate change.

“States need to reconceptualize climate agreements and replace the current flawed model with an alternative that has a different incentive structure—what I would call the ‘Climate Club,’” writes Nordhaus. In the proposed Climate Club, “Participating countries would agree to undertake harmonized emission reductions designed to meet a climate objective (such as a two-degree temperature limit),” and “nations that do not participate or do not meet their obligations would incur penalties.”

 “Although many different penalties might be considered, the simplest and most effective would be tariffs on imports from nonparticipants into club member states,” he suggests. “The point is not to fine-tune the tariffs to a nonparticipant country’s production structure but to provide powerful incentives for countries to be part of the Climate Club.”

Climate policy has not progressed over the last three decades, and is unlikely to without drastic action, Nordhaus concludes. “Although this is a radical proposal that breaks with the approach of past climate negotiations, no other blueprint on the public agenda holds the promise of strong and coordinated international action.”

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This is globalism in its worse sense. Take some shaky science, mix in a technocratic power freak and attempt to muscle the entire world.