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Why WOLF STREET Will Stay Free and Won’t Use “Ad-Blocker Blockers” But Needs Your Support.

People ask me what my exit strategy is, and my answer is always this: I’m going to keep doing WOLF STREET until my brain freezes over.

I’m having a blast. I have the worst slave-driver boss in the world, but that boss is me, and he makes me struggle with new things every day. WOLF STREET now has a fairly big readership (for being the little guy), and all these readers out there – all of you – give me purpose. In other words, I have the best job in the world. And I thank all of you for it.

WOLF STREET wouldn’t exist without you. I’m the little guy scurrying around between the boots of giants. And I’m ecstatic that we’ve made it this far without getting crushed.

Back in February, I vowed to continue WOLF STREET as a free publication, not hidden behind a paywall. Erecting a paywall and switching to a subscription model is the biggest no-brainer in the history of mankind, and a lot of publications are now going that route. But it doesn’t fit my goals in life.

This is likely my last gig, and I’m going to keep it fun.

The work I do for WOLF STREET readers adds meaning and purpose to my life. I love being open to the world. Anyone is welcome here. And I thank everyone for coming.

Some of you come just for the articles and never dare to dive below the line into the hurly-burly world of comments (you’re missing out!).

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Others never read the articles and go straight for the comments, and some of you have told me that even, GRRRR. But yes, the WOLF STREET comments are a great place to hang out.

And others “come for the articles and stay for the comments,” as commenter Ripp pointed out.

Whatever the reason for coming to WOLF STREET, thank you!

I could make more money, and possibly quite a bit more, with a subscription model. But it would change my focus from digging into complex and often arcane economic issues to trying to rope in subscribers. There would be “churn,” and just to stay even, I’d have to spend a lot of effort marketing my site. And the comments behind a paywall would wither.

Now I spend zero effort on marketing. Every ounce of energy goes into the stuff I post on a daily basis. And I love that. I don’t want to change this focus. And the comments are vibrant and open, and I want to keep it that way. And so WOLF STREET will remain free for all, that’s my promise. Because I’m happier that way.

No “ad-blocker blocker” either.

And WOLF STREET won’t block ad blockers either. The ad-blocker blockers are the latest craze in this battle over ad dollars. You have already seen that many major and not-so-major publications will no longer let you access their content if you use an ad blocker or a browser like Firefox that blocks most ads by default. This technology of blocking ad-blockers is relatively new, and it’s taking over like wildfire.

I get why websites use ad-blocker blockers: Ad blockers cut revenues to websites. And so these publications are fighting back. I get that.

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And I totally get why readers use ad blockers. The ad technology on many sites is so aggressive that the site is nearly impossible to read without ad blockers. I understand why people don’t want to engage in hand-to-hand combat with ads. And so you will continue to be welcome to read WOLF STREET while using an ad blocker.

But WOLF STREET needs your support.

Some of you have asked me to send a reminder out once or twice a year. So here is my first one ever – the inaugural reminder to donate to WOLF STREET.

Many of you have already generously donated. I’m immensely appreciative for each and every donation. I also love the little notes some of you add with the donation. They’re heart-warming. Thank you so much. This site depends on you.

The donate button takes you to WOLF STREET’s PayPal page where you can use your debit or credit card. Tip: On that page, enter the amount you wish to donate before you click the “Debit or Credit Card” button, or else it doesn’t work:

Or you also can mail a check to:

Wolf Street Corp
1288 Columbus Ave. #196
San Francisco, CA 94133

Thank-you gesture: a WOLF STREET beer mug if you donate $100 or more.

I still have some of these wonderful and funny “Nothing Goes to Heck in a Straight Line” beer mugs (see photo below) at my media mogul empire headquarters. This is a wrap-around design. On the other side (not visible in the photo below) is a hilarious wolf, which would be me, that is howling the line you see.

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I will personally send you one of these beer mugs (while supply lasts) to thank you for your very generous donation of $100 or more if your address is in the US.

To receive the beer mug, please make sure to include in the PayPal form, or in a note if you mail a check, your US address and phone number. FedEx won’t ship without your phone number.

I appreciate your support immensely. It tells me that you like what we’re doing and that it matters to you!

Enjoy reading WOLF STREET and want to support it? Using ad blockers – I totally get why – but want to support the site? You can donate “beer money.” I appreciate it immensely. Click on the beer mug to find out how:

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