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The US has been begging for a new player to enter the FX market for years.


This IG US review goes over the new sheriff in town.


And he means business.


Before you start, just know the offer I have at the bottom is for US residents only, and the minimum deposit to qualify for 2/3 of it is $250.  More on this later in the blog.


We Got Money!  We Got Traders!  WTF?  Why No Choices?!


So in the United States, we only had three choices for a pure FX trading broker for the longest time.



Interactive Brokers


And I don’t even really count IB as pure Forex, because they’re built to trade everything.


Many traders have been begging for somebody new to enter the game, because they are unhappy with these three choices.


Even though Forex isn’t America’s top way of trading/investing by far, they still make up 26% of the viewers on my Forex trading YouTube channel, which is the highest percentage of any country by far.


The money is here.  And it’s hungry.  We are a license to print money if you’re an FX trading broker.


So why has nobody been knocking on our door?




It’s the same reason foreign banks don’t want our money either — it’s simply not worth the hassle.


Ridiculous bills like FATCA, the Dodd-Frank Act, and a slew of others have made the US go full-on nanny-state just within the past decade.


And the in-house regulators we have only make things more difficult.  Organizations like the NFA and CFTC are essential for keeping out shady practitioners, but can be restrictive in their own regard.


We don’t need to get too deep into this, this is not what you came here for.


Just know there are so many hoops to jump through, that even though there are millions of dollars at stake, no other new companies have dared to enter the fray for a long time.


Until now.


Enter, Goliath


It’s gonna take more than a rock this time, homie.


You’ll need a really big hammer to be able to get through the regulators and break into the US market.


Smaller, fly-by-night brokers will get chewed up and spit out.


Good thing too, because now US citizens FINALLY get another choice in Forex brokers.


And that choice is ridiculously awesome.


That choice, is one of, if not THE top broker in the entire game.


And that broker is IG US.


They are a subsidiary of IG Markets UK, and are aiming to achieve near full functionality here in the States, just like you would have with their UK division.


I couldn’t believe it when I first heard it.  This was an absolute game-changer.

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And then they approached ME, and offered to work with me while they were gaining a foothold in the US market.


They didn’t have to wait long for an answer.


And yes, I have a bonus link for you down below.


The Big Three


I’ve recommended three brokers overall, two which are not available to US residents (Blueberry Markets and, and now IG US.


In the previous recommendations, I wrote extensively about the “Big Three”, which were the top three pieces of criteria almost every I spoke to mentioned as far as the most important things they look for in a broker.


These three things were safety, ease of use, and customer service.


Boy does IG US have you covered here.  More about this in a minute.


But a distant 4th was spreads, and for those who are curious, IG US can now legally say they offer 27% lower spreads than anyone else in the US market. 


There are exceptions, and it’s calculated over a certain period of time, but they went through a lot of regulation to be allowed to say this, and the fact they’re even allowed to do this in the US says a lot.


But let’s tackle the Big Three now.




We don’t even need to spend any time talking about this really.


The one GOOD thing about needlessly strict regulations like we have here in the US, is that they are just that — some of the strictest you’ll ever find.


Anyone who has an FX broker here is as safe as you’re ever going to get.


Moving on.


Ease Of Use



Nobody wants to be fumbling over their own system, waiting on long fill times, or having orders not trigger when their supposed to, when there’s actual money on the line.


Never a problem here.


I had the chance to play with IG US’s software longer than I did anyone else, since I was actually allowed access to all of it, and it is lightning quick.


They have a web-based proprietary trading platform (so MAC users can access it with ease as well) which was very easy to figure out.


They also have MT4, and MT5 will be coming soon.


My issue with US brokers in the past has been a very clumsy and needlessly tedious interface (Interactive Brokers), and a few cases where orders didn’t trigger (Even though I like them, it was Oanda).


None of this is acceptable in 2019.  IG US knows this, and has come to destroy their competition in this regard.


Depending on when you read this, just know, more and more features are on the way.


Customer Service


I can understand if small companies have to outsource their customer service.  It’s a cost thing, and a necessary one.

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When large companies do it?


When highly capitalized broker firms do it?


Those companies can suck it.  I root against companies like this.


Everyone did it 15 years ago.  Then once they figured out that everyone…absolutely….hated it, many got the message and moved them back stateside, or at least to a native English speaking country.


Well, not everyone got the memo, and there are still brokers in the US who outsource this critical piece.


My money is on the line, and the matter is time sensitive.


Don’t you fucking dare make me wait a long time, just to get somebody who does not fully understand what I’m talking about, and give me the same horrible answers they always do.


Can you tell how much I hate this?  Most of you share my rage here.


IG Markets US has native English speakers on at all times, and not only that, they are specific to IG.


This means you’re calling an all-in-one call center who deals with multiple companies.  They only deal with IG, so they know IG inside and out.


People who click my link at the bottom will get even more than this from a customer service standpoint.


I understand probably more than anyone how important this is, because no matter how easy the platforms are to use, there are always questions and issue that come up.


You will learn to despise your broker right away if this experience isn’t a positive one, and IG gets this too.


Thank God.


Patience Please


The one thing you have to understand however, is IG US just got to the US this year, and has spent the majority of their time getting through all of these crazy US regulations.


Without this, they can’t even operate at full capacity.


They don’t yet have their full functionalities up yet, but just know they’re coming, and they’re all slated to be here by the end of 2019.


MT5 isn’t here yet, but it’s coming.


Ability to adjust your leverage (It’s only available at 50:1 right now) is coming, it’s just not here yet.  This is not a huge deal though.  If you have your risk profile right, leverage doesn’t mean a whole lot.


And a lot more still to come.


What You Get


Just know as well, getting a cash bonus of any time is almost unheard of in the US.


Also know like I said above, there is a lot more great stuff coming down the line.


IG US wants to take great care of you, but all of this has just come about this July, so allow them to grow into this, okay?

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So here’s the deal.


If you are in the US, click the link I give you below, and deposit a minimum of $250 USD, you will get.


  • Exclusive Customer Service — Either a US resident, or an Aussie Resident every time you call, depending on time of day.  Nobody else will have this option.
  • Free subscription to Real Vision, which they’re calling the “Netflix of Forex Trading”.  You will act as somewhat of a beta tester for this program through IG.  Valued normally at $180/year.


And if you deposit $5000, and meet their trading requirements (Please call them for details, I am sure to mess this part up.  I already did in the video I made for this.) you are eligible to receive….


  • $500 in free trades


Simply the ability to trade with IG is reason enough for anyone to sign up.  But exclusive perks are even better.


So where do you go to get them?




Click right HERE


Once you do, you are now eligible for the perks listed above.


It is of course an affiliate link, as they always are.  But this offer does not exist anywhere else.


I’m really excited about the opportunity to help bring IG Markets into the United States, and I hope you find this to be great news as well.


Either way, happy trading and thanks for reading.



— VP


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