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I am kicking myself for not having let readers know in advance that Hubert Horan was appearing on Harry Shearer’s Le Show on Sunday. But you can listen now, via this link.

Harry excels at asking simple-seeming but sophisticated questions (and making his interviewees look good too). Here he  focuses on the key elements of Hubert’s analysis of Uber’s questionable economic claims, particularly that there are no scale economies in the local transportation business. It’s also gratifying to hear Hubert unpack his argument in a more colorful and colloquial manner than he did in his extended series on Naked Capitalism, since then it was essential to show considerable supporting evidence. Hubert here adds new important tidbits, like the income distribution of taxi users and how Uber is destructive to low-income, night shift workers who make up half of total taxi demand.

This is a great overview for friends and colleagues who may be reluctant to hear that the fact that they like using Uber has nothing to do with whether it makes any sense as a business. Harry has his usual lively set up, but if you want to go straight to Hubert’s Uber segment, skip to 10:13.  Enjoy!

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