Just in case you have been fortunate enough to have avoided all reference to it up until now, I should point out that there will be an election in America next week. At first, I was going to say next Tuesday, but given that even the timing of a full count of votes and the release of results have become politicized this time around, I erred on the side of caution. If something as uncontroversial as the counting and verification methods for election results that have been the same for a century or so are now partisan, however, one would assume that the divide on something as controversial as energy policy was absolutely massive.

One would be right.

Everything about these two candidates is different, but their differences on energy are some of the most glaring. Donald Trump has long cast himself as the savior of the traditional energy industries. He has vowed to save the coal and oil industries, to cut regulations and environmental protections that hampered expansion in the oil business, and has often rambled on about how wind energy turbines slaughter birds and cause cancer.

Biden, on the other hand, while he has stopped short of a full-throated endorsement of the “Green New Deal” in its entirety, has pledged to drastically accelerate the transition of America away from fossil fuels. He would fund research in alternative energy and subsidize where necessary to make it competitive. He would re-enter the Paris climate accord and reintroduce some of…

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