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I’ll be the first to admit, I had no idea there was such a science to learning. I think most of us realize that learning is important and something that needs to be taken seriously; however, when it comes to “how” to take it seriously, that’s where many (myself included) get lost. Whether you are wanting to learn how to trade or build a birdhouse, I think it’s safe to assume you want to learn as quickly as possible and adapt to whatever is thrown your way. I did some research on learning and found an article that scientifically cites 10 dynamics that occur within our brains that can either help or hinder us in our learning ambitions. Here’s a spoiler… according to the science, watching random and hours upon hours of YouTube videos just is not going to help you much. Let me walk you through some steps and decisions you can make to assist you in your learning ambitions.

Article Talked About – see it HERE

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