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Faced with changing consumer behaviors toward digital content, news and media companies have to make organizational changes to keep up. This is a complex challenge because making the necessary changes to adapt involves people, processes and technological obstacles.  

In partnership with the Google News Initiative, Deloitte interviewed executives from 50 leading news and media companies in 16 countries. The results, published in the Digital transformation through data report, provide a framework to evaluate how advanced your organization is at using data and nine ways to use data to better engage your users and grow your revenue. 

Of those surveyed in the report just 9 percent believe they have achieved a leading state of digital maturity. But that doesn’t mean finding success with data can only be accomplished by a small few. As the Deloitte activation guide shows, there is a clear path to becoming digitally mature that any committed media organization can follow. The guide outlines four key foundations of data transformation: culture, skills, technology, and data.

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