Via Zerohedge

Police in Hong Kong fired tear gas and pepper spray into a crowd of demonstrators who were conducting an illegal protest of attacks last weekend carried out by suspected triad members, which left 45 people injured at the Yuen Long MTR station

Protesters wearing all black streamed through Yuen Long, even though police refused to grant permission for the march, citing risks of confrontations between demonstrators and local residents.

For the protesters, it was a show of defiance against both the police and the white-clad assailants who beat dozens of people July 21, including some demonstrators heading home after the latest mass protest in the Chinese territory’s summer-long pro-democracy movement. –ABC News

This marks the eigth consecutive weekend of demonstrations in Hong Kong, which began as peaceful protests over a now-suspended extradition bill with mainland China, according to CNN

Earlier Saturday, Hong Kong police stormed the Yuen Long subway station, knocking protesters to the ground and injuring others in an attempt to try and diperse the crowd. When that failed, crowd control measures were deployed. 

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