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Honeymoon’s Over: Elon Musk Lashes Out At Electrek, Feuds With Editor On Twitter

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When the cultists start to turn on one another, the honeymoon may officially be over. Such is the case with Elon Musk who, straight off of his disappointing, overly ambitious autonomous driving investor day that was criticized by almost all major media outlets, is now going after the pro Tesla-lot over at electrek.

Electrek has been a blog that we have casually ribbed over the years for being an extension of Tesla’s public relations department. This is what made it funny at times when criticism couldn’t be avoided, no matter how much they tried, like when the blog’s editor-in-chief couldn’t get into his frozen-shut Model 3 this past winter.

Is electrek’s Fred Lambert “seeing the light”?

The site has an affinity for – let’s say, putting a polish – on Tesla stories it has reported on. As Ed Niedermeyer wrote about for The Drive, this was a nice quid pro quo when the site’s editor was getting referral bonuses, in the form of Tesla vehicles, for his pumping and shilling reporting.

But those glory days are over and that ship looks to have sailed with Tesla ending its referral program. It also looks as though the once chummy relationship between electrek editor Fred Lambert and Elon Musk has gone the way of the buffalo.

In a spat on Twitter Tuesday night, just one day before Tesla’s Q1 earnings report, Elon Musk seemingly lashed out at Lambert in a Tweet talking about “double standard articles about Tesla”. Lambert felt the need to reply, leading us to believe the Tweet was about him. 

Musk, while trolling Lambert himself, then accused Lambert of being “shamed into being de facto anti-Tesla by social media trolls”:

Fred then tried to defend himself, claiming that over 3,000 Tesla pieces he’s written in the past 4 years, “maybe 100” have been “somewhat negative”. But this wasn’t good enough for Musk:

To which the sharp tongued Lambert replied, in kind, shutting Musk down with facts about his batshit insane volatile business model changes over the last few months:

Then, the feud seemed to die off. Perhaps Lambert had better things to do. Perhaps Musk wanted to keep Tweeting about leafblowers…

…and liking Tweets about how much GAAP accounting sucks.  

Regardless, Twitter loved to watch Musk and Lambert go at it:

And we’re not even that sure that electrek has been providing any negative stories on Tesla. Mostly, they’ve just been reporting on things that have been simply too hard to ignore, even for the most loyal Tesla supporters. For instance, the video of this car that allegedly exploded on its own in China turned some heads, and was an event so shocking that even the company’s most ardent supporters had to pay attention.

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We think Fred, as biased as he may want to be, feels a pang of obligation to report the truth, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. In other words, Tesla is becoming too big of a mess for even its most loyal fans to avoid noticing.

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