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Hedge Fund Manager Nearly Dies After Falling Into Open Manhole

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Via Zerohedge

We’ve finally found the perfect metaphor for the abysmal performance and massive redemptions that plagued the hedge fund industry in 2018.

The founder of Singapore-based Helios Capital Management fell into an open manhole outside a shopping mall in Mumbai on Thursday. Fortunately, Samir Arora wasn’t hurt, and managed to save himself thanks to his quick reflexes as he managed to cling to the sides of the manhole and pull himself out. He suffered only minor scratches.

He joked that if city workers find his Samsung phone, which he lost during the incident, they could keep it. All in the all, the incident was “scary as hell.”

And rightfully so. According to Bloomberg, a city doctor fell into a manhole on a flooded street in Mumbai back in 2017 and died. He was just minutes away from his home. More recently, a bridge collapse in the city killed half a dozen people.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party has pledged to spend $1.44 trillion to upgrade infrastructure and living standards in Mumbai if it returns to power after this month’s general election.

Adding a comic twist  to the story, the local government tried to deny the existence of the manhole, but Arora replied with its exact location.

Hopefully, it will get mended, and the city won’t simply deny its existence.

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