Head of Germany’s Robert Koch Institute defends Covid-19 optimism but says current mortality rate will rise

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President of the Robert Koch Institute Lothar Wieler believes that Germany’s current Covid-19 mortality rate of 0.8 percent would rise further but defended his optimism on flattening the curve of infection in the country.

During Tuesday morning’s briefing, Wieler stated that Germany’s coronavirus strategy would remain the same for the time being: containment, protection of the most vulnerable demographics in society like the elderly and immunocompromised and increasing hospital capacity where possible. 

He warned that the pandemic will continue for months, not weeks, however.

“Whoever does so, of course, underestimates the risk,” he said, warning that the pandemic will continue for months, not weeks, adding that the picture will be clearer after Easter.

As of Tuesday morning, Germany has 67,051 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection resulting in some 650 deaths.

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