Via China Daily

A worker unloads medical materials from a plane at the Wuhan Tianhe International Airport in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei province, Jan 28, 2020. [Photo/Xinhua]

The General Administration of Customs released new measures, including speeding up the inspection of imported manufacturing equipment and simplifying the quarantine approval procedures for foreign medical goods, to ensure sufficient industrial material supplies and maintain market stability in China.

The move is aimed to mitigate the impact caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak, as well as help businesses resume production and improve the country’s foreign trade conditions, the GAC said in a statement.

Customs authorities will accelerate inspection pace and release machinery and raw materials that are urgently needed for companies to resume the work, under the new policy.

The statement said companies that need to send goods to laboratories for testing can rely on third-party certification, test reports or enterprise quality and safety self-declaration to gain the green light for quick customs inspection and release. It will further cut the proportion and time for lab testing.

The GAC supports the increase of agricultural products and food imports. It will accelerate the evaluating process of agricultural products and food, and shorten the length of quarantine approval. They also will establish green channels for farm products and foodstuff imports at key ports, and provide 24-hour advance clearance service.

The GAC also will allow customs branches across the country to directly inspect and release goods for certain imported medical items, such as vaccines, blood products and reagents for the purpose of epidemic control and prevention as soon as possible, as a precondition of controllable risks.

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