Global coronavirus deaths top 50,000, led by Italy & Spain, as nearly 1 million diagnosed -Johns Hopkins University

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The total number of deaths attributed to the coronavirus pandemic has soared past 50,000 globally as cases inch toward the 1 million mark, with Italy and Spain leading other nations in mortality.

The coronavirus pandemic has killed some 50,230 people worldwide as of Thursday, according to Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center. Italy leads the world in virus-related mortality, with 13,915 deaths, while Spain has also suffered disproportionately, counting 10,003 deaths.

Meanwhile, the number of people diagnosed with coronavirus continues to climb, with Johns Hopkins reporting 981,221 confirmed cases as of Thursday. The US leads the world in total number of cases, though its mortality rate is considerably lower than Italy or Spain, which have the next largest numbers of cases at 115,242 and 110,238, respectively.


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