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5,720 new cases of Covid-19 have been recorded across Germany, along with 55 new deaths, the federal Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which releases daily monitoring of the disease, announced on Thursday.

The total amount of confirmed cases of coronavirus grew from 36,508 to 42,288 over a single day, according to the RKI. With 55 new deaths, the nation’s death toll is now at 253.

Despite being one of the worst-hit countries in terms of infection levels, Germany has been an outlier when it comes to its fatality rate, which is around half a percent.

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The head of the Institute of Virology at Berlin’s Charite University Hospital, Christian Drosten, said on Thursday that Germany has boosted its coronavirus testing rate to 500,000 a week.

He believes that “the reason why Germany has so few deaths compared to the number of infected people can be explained by the fact that we carry out an extremely large number of laboratory diagnostic tests.”

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