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The suspect in the murder of regional CDU politician Walter Lübcke may have been involved in a separate assassination attempt, German media reported on Friday.

According to German broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk and Der Spiegel magazine, prosecutors have found evidence linking Lübcke’s suspected murderer Stephan E. to the failed assassination attempt in 2003 against a teacher from the city of Kassel.

Lübcke was shot and killed in his home in June, 2019. He was a member of Angela Merkel’s center-right CDU party and was known for his pro-migrant views.

Stephan E. was arrested in connection with Lübcke’s death and had initially confessed to the murder. But he later recanted his statement, saying that another suspect had actually pulled the trigger. Authorities believe the suspect was motivated by right-wing extremism.

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During a search on Stephan E.’s computer, authorities reportedly found information about the teacher who was targeted in the assassination. This information was allegedly compiled a year before the attempted murder.

The teacher, who was actively engaged and opposed to right-wing extremism, barely evaded a bullet that was shot through the kitchen window of his home. The case was closed as investigators were never able to find the perpetrator.

Stephan E.’s attorney Frank Hannig denied the allegations against his client and said he had no knowledge of the investigation relating to the failed assassination attempt on the Kassel teacher.

The murder of Walter Lübcke sent shockwaves through Germany and sparked a nationwide discussion over the threat of right-wing extremism.

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