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We’ve had more than our fair share of stress over the last few weeks. I think we could all use a good laugh. And I have one for you. It has to do with teeth.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about Drake’s grills.

No. Not where he grills his steaks. His mouth grills!

If you’re not familiar with rap and hip-hop culture, you may not even be aware of this phenomenon, but wearing gold jewelry over your teeth is a thing. And it can be a very expensive thing.

Singer/songwriter/rapper Drake had a set of grills custom made for his “In My Feelings” music video. One was made out of 18K white gold and the other out of 18K yellow gold. Both grills also feature platinum.

Drake’s toofuses set him back a cool $14,000!

This underscores a truth: people want to own gold. Whether they horde it in a vault, wear it over their teeth or eat it, people all over the world recognize the value of gold.

OK. Now it’s confession time. This is really just a setup. I wanted to share this video and I had to figure out some way to tie it to gold. Yes. I recognize this is probably the most clumsy segway in the history of Fun on Friday. But you’re going to thank me. Because this is funny. And as I said, in these stressful times, we all need a good laugh.

Some guy shot a video of his dog wearing a set of fake teeth. The dog’s owner, Ben Campbell, told LADbible he bought the novelty teeth on Etsy for amusement during his coronavirus quarantine.

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“I planned on making some wacky videos of myself with big teeth. Thomas, my six-pound teacup Yorkie, got hold of them and as I chased him down to retrieve them, he had them locked in his mouth in the PERFECT position.”

Yes, he did.

And here you go. You’re welcome.

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