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Foxtons told self-isolating tenant with suspected Covid-19 to leave home so buyers could view it

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Estate agent Foxtons told a tenant with coronavirus symptoms who was self-isolating to leave their home so potential buyers could view the property.

Despite NHS guidance that anyone who may be infected should stay at home, Foxtons told the tenant that potentially having the virus was not acceptable grounds to restrict access to their home for viewings.

“If you have coronavirus or have symptoms it cannot and indeed should not impact your landlord’s plans,” the company said in an undated email seen by The Independent.

“You can self-isolate anywhere, ie your boyfriend’s/parents/friends property, it does not need to be in [your own home],”

The message continued: “Your obligations as a tenant to allow access for sales/lettings viewings as per clause 11.2 of your tenancy agreement, which I’ve enclosed, are very clear.”

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Email from Foxtons to tenant

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