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“Many foreign powers” are seeking to undermine the Indian government, fearful of the nation’s rise to global prominence, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has warned.

“Many foreign powers are trying to break our country. They do not want a stable government in India, because they can see our future – the country is not only on its way to becoming a global superpower, but also a universal teacher or master,” the top defense official told a gathering in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh state.

Singh was a guest of honor during a three-day event hosted by Ekal Vidyalaya, an NGO dedicated to education and development in rural parts of India. Speaking on Tuesday, he said India will not use its growing influence to intimidate smaller nations into obedience.

“The main thing about becoming a universal master is that you don’t feel scared. There are many superpowers in the world who instill fear in people, but India wants to be a teacher along with a superpower because you don’t feel scared when you are with your master,” he said, as cited by the Hindustan Times.

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Last month, the minister said foreign powers were trying to use the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) to weaken the Indian government.

“Misunderstanding is being spread to mislead the people. I feel there certainly is the hand of foreign forces behind this, who want to weaken India,” he said.

The CAA grants fast-track citizenship to people from neighboring Muslim-majority countries as long as they belong to seven religious minority groups there. The Indian government has explained that it is a humanitarian act aimed at protecting vulnerable refugees, and does not in any way discriminate against Muslims. The law sparked mass protests in India while several opposition-controlled states refused to implement it.

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