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  • Florida, Arizona see record jumps
  • Florida sees 2nd straight record jump
  • US reports 3rd straight record increase (45,942 cases)
  • Miami mayor closes beaches

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Update (1145ET): Arizona just reported its daily figures for Saturday (remember, these data are reported with a 24-hour delay). After a brief respite from record numbers, the state reported a record jump of 3,591 cases, which is bang-on tied with the last record number from June 23, though it’s slightly lower in percentage-point terms.


The number of new infections have continued to climb since Trump’s rally in Phoenix on Tuesday, though numbers were trending higher before that. New cases are climbing in 33 states, but 16, including Arizona, have seen consistent and troubling growth beyond what increases in testing would lead one to expect. The State’s governor has pleaded with Arizonans to stay home and wear masks,

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As we noted last night, the US recorded a third record jump in new COVID-19 cases, with 45,942 cases reported, helped along by a staggering ~9k print out of Florida and thousands of new cases in California, Texas and Arizona. Florida’s latest numbers have been so sever, that they finally pushed Gov Ron DeSantis to shut down bars in the state, following the lead of Texas Gov Greg Abbott. Following his decision to roll back some of the lockdown easing, Abbott said last night that if he could have done one thing differently, he wouldn’t have reopened the bars so quickly.

“f I could go back and redo anything, it probably would have been to slow down the opening of bars…” Abbott said during an interview with the local Texas press Friday evening. He added that the bar setting “in reality, just doesn’t work with a pandemic…”

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Dr. Fauci joined the chorus of experts warning that it’s only a matter of time before deaths start increase in line with the new case totals. But on Friday, the 7-day national average for daily deaths reported continued to decline day over day.

DeSantis, on the other hand, drew the ire of Bloomberg and the increasingly-critical mainstream press after he snapped at a reporter. When asked if he would have done anything differently, he defiantly responded “like what?” That…probably wasn’t the best reaction from an optics standpoint, especially now that his state has kicked off the weekend with another record jump in new cases, suggesting that the US might be on track for a fourth-straight record jump as the outbreak in 16 states mostly along the American sun belt (encompassing most of the south and west) worsens.

Florida reported 9,585 new coronavirus cases, another 7.8% increase (in line with the percentage increase seen in the last few days). That’s compared with 8,942 cases reported yesterday. It was the second record jump in a row for the state. In just over a week, the state has reported ~40,000 new cases, or roughly 1/3rd of the statewide total since the pandemic began.

Florida’s new state totals include:

  • 132,545 cases
  • 14,136 Floridians hospitalized
  • 3,390 deaths of Florida residents

Testing continued to climb across the US, even as the number of new confirmed cases far outpaced the increase in testing, as even VP Mike Pence acknowledged last night.

The percentage of positive tests, a new critical metric that is being closely followed by investors and epidemiologists alike, has continued to climb in many of the hardest-hit states.

South Florida, particularly Miami-Dade County, remains the worst-hit part of the state, reporting roughly a quarter of the statewide total.

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Source: FLA Dept of Health

Hours after Gov DeSantis ordered bars closed, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced late Friday that he would shut the city’s most popular beaches for the Independence Day holiday weekend, probably the most aggressive step, economically speaking, as the weekend is typically a busy one during an otherwise slow summer season.

Gimenez said in a statement that the five-days suspension starting July 3 would be extended “if conditions do not improve.”

Internationally, Brazil and Latin American continue to contribute more to the global total as the great rebound continues. Even Europe saw cases rise for the second straight week as easing lockdowns have led some local officials to reinstate strict social distancing rules and even lockdowns. Though, per capita, Arizona alone is still outpacing every European country, including Italy, Spain and the UK.