Facebook has censored a pro-Trump ad despite fact-checker PolitiFact contradicting its own “mostly false” rating with pretzel logic.

As the Daily Wire‘s John Bickley writes, the ad launched on August 4 was given a “mostly false” rating by the partisan fact-checker, and subsequently banned by Facebook.

The ad directly quotes Biden declaring, “If you elect me, your taxes are going to be raised, not cut,” and warns that his plan will raise taxes “on all income groups.” –Daily Wire

Watch the ad:

PolitiFact then goes to great lengths to discredit the ad – calling it “mostly false” because the PAC which produced it, America First, ‘lacked context’ and gave the ‘wrong impression’ about what Biden meant.

The ‘fact-checker’ then inserts their own logic, claiming that only the “biggest earners” would be hit harder by Biden’s plan, while increases on lower-income groups “would be relatively small.”

Except PolitiFact admits: “[S]ome tax experts estimate that Biden’s plan would mean higher taxes on average for all income groups.”

In other words, Biden literally told an audience that their taxes would rise – which “some tax experts” confirmed, yet PolitiFact took it upon themselves to ‘clarify’ – and Facebook has banned the above ad over it.

More via the Daily Wire:

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In other words, PolitiFact uses a Democratic talking point about the rich paying more in an attempt to distract from the fact that the ad’s claim is actually true.

Here’s how the fact check begins (emphasis added):

new ad from a pro-Trump super PAC uses out-of-context footage of Joe Biden to claim that the former vice president wants to raise taxes for Americans across the board.

Versions of the ad from America First Action began airing Aug. 4 on Facebook and on TV screens in Wisconsin and North Carolina. They focus largely on a comment Biden made in response to a voter during a February campaign stop in South Carolina.

But the America First Action ad presents that remark out of context. And while some tax experts estimate that Biden’s plan would mean higher taxes on average for all income groups, those increases would be relatively small for all but the biggest earners.

In its attempt to argue that the ad is “mostly false,” PolitiFact specifically cites a “Biden campaign official” as supposed evidence of the Democrat’s intent (emphasis added):

The full exchange shows that Biden was saying his plan would raise taxes for people who, in his words, “benefited from” the GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017A Biden campaign official said his point was that the wealthy — not all Americans — would not benefit from his plan.

The ad’s portrayal of the exchange leaves a different impression.

The fact check goes on to make a similarly flimsy case against the ad’s inclusion of Biden warning that his tax increases could “go higher.” The supposed evidence of this being “mostly false” is the following full quote from Biden:

“We should charge people the same tax for their capital gains as their tax rate is,” Biden said. “And I think we should raise the tax rate back to, for example, I take it back to where it was before it was reduced. It could go higher.”

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