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Explosions Reported Near US Embassy & Balad Airbase In Baghdad, Several Wounded

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  • Multiple ‘Katyusha’ unguided missiles/mortars fired into two regions near Baghdad

  • Green Zone neighborhood in Baghdad, comes under mortar shell attack: 5 ppl wounded.

  • Balad airbase (hosts US troops) near Baghdad: 3 Iraqi soldiers wounded.

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As 1000s march in the streets of Baghdad to moutn the death of Soleimani, Al-Arabiya (and other local news sources) report rockets have landed in the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, where the US Embassy (among other things) is located.

Witnesses told Reuters that an explosion was heard in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad

Sky News Arabia reports that the missile landed in the Green Zone in Baghdad and closed the entrance to the road leading to the American embassy.

An unguided ‘Katyusha’ rocket was reportedly launched…

Dozens of US Apache helicopters are now seen overhead…

President Rouhani reportedly threatened a “lightning strike” against America…

Additionally, there are now reports that multiple rockets have struck Balad Airbase, located just north of Baghdad, that hosts US troops…

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Meanwhile, Iraqi police have opened fire at armed PMU militiamen during the funeral procession.


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