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Time’s Up!

Elizabeth Warren is reportedly planning to drop out of the Democratic primary on Thursday, the New York Times reports.

She plans to inform her staff Thursday morning (though we suspect the NYT news alert on this report will be warning enough, if they haven’t heard already. We suspect many knew days, if not weeks, ago that it was over).

Warren’s candidacy was defined by her battle with Bernie Sanders over their largely overlapping visions of a progressive agenda. Much of the sniping between leftie die-hards on twitter revolved around whose Medicare 4 All plan was superior. But unlike Sanders, Warren had repeatedly said she was a “capitalist to my bones”, something that the hardcore communists and socialists who comprise Sanders’ most loyal supporters rejected.

She was also mocked over her genetic-testing debacle back in late 2018 which proved the she had falsely portrayed herself as a woman of color for much of her professional and academic career.

As a candidate, Warren was largely defined by her “I have a plan for that” mantra – immortalized by the now-famous Time Magazine cover – and her attachment to her dog, Bailey, who had his own campaign twitter account.

Warren is dropping out after her abysmal showing on ‘Super Tuesday’, where she came in third in her home state of Massachusetts.

Her departure follows a mass exodus that has left Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders – two old, white men – as the last two men standing.

She’s fallen a long way from October, when she was briefly the betting favorite.

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The news has been confirmed by NBC. Warren only had 50 delegates, and it’s likely many will side with Bernie Sanders, who has long since won the battle to be the progressive standard-bearer.

The big question now is: To whom will Warren give her endorsement? Will she swallow her pride, put the acrimony behind her and side with Bernie Sanders, whom she repeatedly touted as an ideological ally against the party ‘establishment’? Or will Warren side with Biden, a move that would undoubtedly infuriate millions of progressives who will presumably follow Bernie leftward? Most media reports so far claim she will likely back Bernie, including a Washington Post report from yesterday claiming the Warren and Sanders camps were working together to find an “off-ramp” for her campaign, allowing them to “unite and push a common liberal agenda.”

Though WaPo noted that her camp has also taken meetings with Biden about a possible endorsement.