From Typist to Ops Officer

“She was a real pistol… The fact that she accomplished so much is incredible given the general antagonism to women functioning as ops officers. This was a general view among male ops officers… Liz certainly paved the way for female ops officers.”

 ~ Friend and colleague of Elizabeth Sudmeier

Elizabeth SudmeierElizabeth Sudmeier was a pioneer in breaking down gender barriers at CIA. As a founding member of the Agency, Elizabeth, like many women at that time, began her career as a typist. Yet, despite the resistance of Agency senior managers and supervisors, Elizabeth did what few women were able to do.

Elizabeth worked as a field operations officer, serving overseas in places like the Middle East and South Asia for almost nine years, and helped usher in a new era of woman’s equality at the Agency.

Because of her historic contributions, Elizabeth was selected as one of the 2013 CIA Trailblazers, those “whose leadership, achievements, and dedication to mission had a significant and lasting impact on the Agency’s history.”

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