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Malaysian Musang King durians. [Photo provided to]

Exports of Malaysian durians to China have increased following the latter country’s decision last summer to expand imports of the fruit from the Southeast Asian country.

Chinese fruit dealers have taken advantage of recent developments to increase sales of the popular fruit. For example, Pagoda, a Chinese fresh fruit retail platform, has officially introduced Musang King durians, dubbed the “Hermès of durians”, from Malaysia to China through its 4,500 fruit stores and online shops.

China announced on May 30 it will allow frozen Malaysian durians to enter the domestic market. Before that, the majority of the 300,000 tons of durians China imports every year were from Thailand.

Raja Dato’ Nushirwan Zainal Abidin, Malaysian Ambassador to China, said Musang King sees “huge potential” in the Chinese market.

Malaysia exported fruits and fruit products worth over $71 million to China in the first nine months of last year, among which durians still accounted for a minor portion.

“The government has boosted the planting of durians to a new height, which is expected to increase the production of durians by five to 10 times over the next five years,” an industry insider on Malaysian fruit development said.

Yu Huiyong, founder and CEO of Pagoda, pointed out the firm is riding the internet and cross-border e-commerce wave to introduce more high-quality durian.

Yu Huiyong, founder and CEO of Pagoda, delivers a speech at a product launch ceremony in January in Beijing. [Photo provided to]

“We are not simply buying durians from Malaysia. We are also working deeply with local farmers in planting and delivering them,” Yu said.

The Shenzhen-based startup also launched standards for durians, which according to the company was the first such standard in the field.

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“Through the launching of standards, we also hope the Chinese durian market can develop in a healthier and more orderly way,” Yu added.