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Dow Industrials Down 500 Points on China Currency War Indication

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Via Economic Policy Journal

UPDATE BELOW: Dow now down more than 700 points

U.S. stocks opened deeply in the red this morning after China allowed its currency to fall against the dollar, signaling the potential for a currency war.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down, -1.93% to 25,973.32 or 501.86 points lower. The S&P 500 is down  -1.96% at 2,874, down57 points, or 1.97%. The Nasdaq is down -2.52% or 179 points, 2.2% to 7,822.


A solid observation by Krugman:

Deep dive analysis at the EPJ Daily Alert. There is a lot to do right now.


The Dow Industrial Average is now down by more than 700 points.

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