The beginning of every month is exciting for all dividend income investors as we look back at the previous month and see how much passive dividend income our portfolios generated. No doubt, these are the best posts to write and read online as it only provides further proof that dividend investing can work over time and that anyone can create an ever growing passive income stream (even with those nasty dividend cuts that come our way every now and then; thank you GE and KHC and YUMC and more). Looking back at my October totals, I see that my year-over-year progress is still moving at a nice clip, and I look forward to calculating my 2020 totals in about one month plus. With that being said, let’s take a look back at my October 2020 dividend income.

  • Dividend income from my taxable account totaled $807.92, up from $717.63, an increase of 12.6% from October of last year.
  • Dividend income from my ROTH account totaled $199.39, down from $283.38, a decrease of -29.6% from this time last year.
  • Dividend income from my IRA account totaled $85.45, up from $69.91 from this time last year. An increase of 22.2%.
  • Grand total for the month of October: $1,092.76, an increase of 2.0% from October 2019.

Brokerage Account

Year to date dividends: $10,326.60

ROTH Account

Year to date dividends: $2,441.91

IRA Account

Year to date dividends: $761.34

I have to say I’m quite pleased with my October totals. Who would complain about any year-over-year increase? The main reason for my modest 2% gain is simply due to my TD stock not paying in October as it did in 2019. Sometimes dividend payment schedules change and can mess with your monthly year-over-year numbers.

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The proof of our dividend investing strategy rests in these real results. After all, dividends don’t lie. It’s real cash being returned to investors. With patience and consistency, these results and better can be achieved. Just remember, sometimes investing with blinders on can be beneficial as it blocks out the constant noise we are bombarded with on a daily basis and keeps you focused on the job at hand which is to keep investing, not falling for market timing traps, diversifying, not getting shaken out of the market when it tumbles and just creating a solid, ever growing passive income stream.

Are any of these dividend stocks in your portfolio too? How was your October dividend income? Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long all above.

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