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Over time, small changes can save you time and help you avoid headaches in your daily routine or with the technology you use. These new improvements for Chromebooks, like Wi-Fi Sync, add up to make it easier for you to get things done.

Wi-Fi passwords on your keychain with Wi-Fi Sync

Chromebooks are designed to be shareable. If you borrow your friend or family’s Chromebook, you can log in with your Google Account and easily access your documents, open tabs and bookmarks. 

Now, thanks to Wi-Fi Sync, forget having to hunt down that 20-digit Wi-Fi password printed on the back of your router. With the latest Chrome OS update, when you enter a Wi-Fi password on your personal profile on one Chromebook, that info is securely saved with your account even when you log in to another Chromebook. Your Wi-Fi passwords become part of your profile’s keychain, so they follow you regardless of which Chromebook you’re using. Wi-Fi Sync is especially helpful for households that share multiple Chromebooks. 

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