Denmarks new Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod from the Socialdemocrats, is once again in the media. About 10 years ago Jeppe Kofod had to resign all his political positions within the Socialdemocrat party, due to a huge sex scandal.

The new Foreign Minister was in 2008 participating a socialdemocrat party event, where he during the evening had sex with another girl of just 15 years old. The girl was also member of the Socialdemocrats.

Jeppe Kofod during the 2014 EU election

In Denmark the minimum sexual age is 15 years, thus Jeppe Kofod did not commit any crime according to danish law. However, Jeppe Kofod understood it was a moral hazard of huge dimensions, and resigned immediately all his political positions at that time, when the story broke the news media.

Jeppe Kofod is 44 years old today, and has been a member of the Danish Parlament from 1998 to 2014. In 2014 he was the lead candiate for the EU parlament election. He was elected to the EU parlament in 2014 and is now Foreign Minister for the danish socialdemocrat gorvernment.

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